Videos for a Lazy Sunday: UFORIA’s ‘Fight or Flight’

Toronto’s UFORIA have shared the video for the title track from the title track from their latest EP Fight or Flight.

“It was originally conceived after  (guitarist) Adam (Brik) hit a tree and dislocated his thumb in a snowboarding fall,” singer/guitarist Michael Ursini said in a statement. “He was in so much pain and didn’t feel he could wait to be rescued. In that moment he made the choice to get himself down the mountain and seek the medical attention he needed.”

The vid was directed by James Black of Finger Eleven guitarist James Black.

“We had the luck and honour of having our single ‘Fight or Flight’ played at the Blue Jays games all summer and felt that there was a great enough demand to release a music video. Working with James and Rich was a pleasure and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished. This is for the fans and the people ready to face their fears,” Ursini said.

The band’s luck extended to winning the Hard Rock Rising Star contest in 2013 and the Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act in 2016 as well as opening for Billy Talent in 2014. ‘Fight or Flight’ also made the Alan Cross Top 11 Chart in May 2016.

The EP follows the band’s fan-funded 2015 album Transmutation and 2012 debut Imagining.

‘Fight or Flight’ was produced and co-written by Finger Eleven drummer Steve Molella. The EP is streaming for free;

“Steve has had a massive influence on myself and Uforia,” Ursini said. “He worked his butt off to make each song reach its maximum potential. I’ve learned more about songwriting and recording in the last year than ever before because of his talent and energy.”


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