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L’Orange & Mr. Lif Release ‘Strange Technology’ in Time for Halloween

L’Orange and Mr. Lif have scared up the animated/live action hybrid video for ‘Strange Technology’ from their album The Life and Death of Scenery, out now on Mello Music Group.

The Alex Thompson-directed video features evil cartoons wreaking havoc with a twist ending. The track also features Akrobatik and Gonjasufi.

Stream HYDDE & Hawke’s ‘Ghost’ for Free

Mysterious EDM artist HYDDE has shared a free stream of the aptly titled ‘Ghost’ just in time for Halloween.

He joined forces with Hawkes to create the track.

“’Ghost’ was written in late 2015, upon my initial meeting with HAWKES. He was still feeling the echoes of a recent breakup, and, to his credit, he quickly opened up to me,” HYDDE shared in a press release.  “Every part of the song, structurally down to each instrument, is meant to represent pieces of the idea that an ex-girlfriend is like a ghost. From the haunting chords in the verse, to the raw and exposed feeling of the chorus.  I wanted the listener to be able to feel the unnerving sense that her ghost is always there, lurking in the back of your mind”

This follows the release of ‘Anything You Want’, his collaboration with MoonZz. It’s been featured on Mr. Suicide Sheep and received over one million plays on YouTube;

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: High Klassified’s ‘Gold’ (Featuring Mick Jenkins)

Even though he guests on High Klassified‘s ‘Gold’, Mick Jenkins is nowhere to be found in the surreal, dream-like Rachid Allaoua-directed video.

Instead, High Klassified is in the spotlight as the clip weaves a strange love story.

The track is taken from his Kronostasis EP, out now on Fool’s Gold. Stream it for free;

Stream Star Slinger’s ‘We Could Be More'(Featuring D∆WN) for Free

Manchester producer/DJ Star Slinger (Darren Williams) has offered a free stream of the title track from his debut EP We Could Be More, featuring D∆WN.

The six track release will be his first for OWSLA. The EP is a departure Williams usual beats and club-style of music that finds him taking a more traditional songwriting approach.

“Since a kid I’d been listening to radio, my parent’s old records – as well as discovering music for myself via Zines, clubs, music venues & a lot of record shopping. I’ve been through every phase a teenager goes thru. I was simultaneously into everything from folk, punk, new wave, 90semo trance, house, indie, hip hop, r n b, neo soul, uk garage, happy hardcore, grime, etc but of course with that – you fine tune your tastes eventually. I think I have listened to so much music that I’m still doing that. The one common thing in my life is that I love good pop music. I love the art of a relatable song & with this EP I wanted to do that,” he said in a statement.

We Could Be More (ft. D∆WN)
Slow Love (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)
Losing Sleep (ft. Sam Sparro)
Looking To Be Seen (ft. Sara Z)
If It Shall Come
Pardon (ft. Tunji Ige)

Stream 8ers In The House EP for Free

8ers have shared a free stream of their In The House EP, out now on In Planes.

Stream Bossie’s ‘A Lot Like Love’ for Free

Toronto’s Bossie (aka Anna Douris) had this to say about ‘A Lot Like Love’, streaming for free, in a statement; “I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It’s something that I’ve been trying to suss out as I’ve been writing this record, which deals with my anxieties about relating to people. As of 2016, I’ve been using Facebook for ten (seriously, TEN) years, so it’s played a key role in every one of my adult friendships. I’ve been feeling weird about how it’s affected my ability to make contact with other humans.  I’ll hit ‘Like’ here, send an ‘I miss youuuuuuu’ there, just to feel like I’m still connecting to someone, even if I haven’t seen that person in years. I want to be optimistic and believe that we’re all more connected than ever – we can keep every friend we’ve ever made by typing in their name – but I also kind of feel lonelier than ever. I mean Facebook literally JUST sent me a notification letting me know I’d been friends with my own sister for nine years.”

The track is from her debut album, title and release date TBA. Bossie plays The Rivoli in Toronto on November 5.

Stream or Download Run the Jewels’ ‘Talk to Me’ for Free

Run the Jewels have shared a free stream/download of the politically-charged ‘Talk to Me’ from their forthcoming third album RTJ3 as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program.

To download the track, click on the embedded Soundcloud file.

RTJ’s El-P co-produced ‘Talk to Me’ with Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby. He and bandmate Killer Mike will appear as playable characters in Gears of War 4, the DLC pack will be released on November 1. They will also play the Sound on Sound festival in Austin on November 4.