Stream or Download Belinda Esquer’s ‘Silverlining’ for Free

Belinda Esquer has shared a free stream/download of ‘Silverlining’ from her forthcoming second album The Truth, out on October 28.

The Tucson, Arizona-via-Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico singer/songwriter recorded the seven track release with Steven Lee Tracy at St. Cecilia Studio in downtown Tucson.

“Something that happens to almost every musician in a band…the band breaks up,” Esquer explained in a statement. “For me, the breakup of Simple Violet, a lo-fi style indie pop duo, was one of the hardest musical hardships I’ve ever faced. I had devoted so much of myself to the project and had such great expectations and hopes for our future that when it imploded in 2012, I felt like an important part of me was lost. I couldn’t face all the pieces left broken in its wake and I contemplated giving up on music. The darkness eventually began to fade and a silver lining appeared at last… I put it all behind me and wrote this song.”
She also had the following to day about The Truth; “This album is very personal to me, as are all of my songs. I have never really written a song just to write. I always write about events in my life almost like a diary. This album for the most part is a follow up to my previous album SAND written about the strained relationship with my father. The story continues to evolve as he vanishes from my life. Things are changing rapidly for me and my family dynamic, affecting all the different relationships that I have including the relationship with my sisters, mother and my husband. The Truth is mostly my journal of events.”
“I wrote and performed all of the tracks on the album, which was a complete blast to accomplish. With my previous album, I performed all the tracks as well but this time around the process was smoother because Steven Lee Tracy of Saint Cecilia studios and I have got the process down. Having worked together in the past, we nailed down a good schedule for tracking – We’d get to the studio early on Saturday mornings with coffee in hand and got to work. I would first lay down the drums for all the tracks, then the next session I would lay down the bass and guitar parts. After that I would lay down synths, keys and other percussion. The last day I would lay down the many vocal layers. It’s a bit different than playing in a band with various members to contribute. I’m all alone in the studio and frankly it moves things along quite quickly because there isn’t much consulting to do among members, it’s just me and my choices.”
“I began writing when I was a teen. Within weeks of picking up a guitar for the first time, I already had put together a song in its most basic form about a boy from school. Addicted to this new amazing feeling music gave me, I begged my mother to let me take drum lessons and by 16 I played drums and guitar. I wrote songs through my teens but didn’t really join a band ’til I was 21 (Yardsale Heart). Since then I’ve been in several bands as songwriter and musician but always wished I could put together a solo album. My solo project finally emerged in 2015 when I began writing what would become my first solo album titled SAND. At this time I couldn’t touch a piano or guitar without creating a song expressing my current feelings. My family was dealing with some painful separation and there was so much emotion pouring out of me I needed to let it out through the only way I know how – music. It was an amazing feeling because for one moment in my life I felt clarity. I knew the time had come to pursue my solo project and all the pieces began falling into place.”
The Truth is a record that naturally poured out of me with ease because every song is like a page from my journal. It is exactly how I feel. It is my truth.”
Catch Belinda Esquer on the following dates;
10/14 – JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort (Tucson, AZ) || 7-10PM
10/20 – JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort (Tucson, AZ) || 7-10PM
10/22 – Cafe Passe 4th Ave Festival (Tucson, AZ) || 4PM
10/27 – Noble Hops Gastropub (Oro Valley, AZ) || 7-10PM
10/29 – CD Release Party, Hotel Congress/ Plaza Concert Series (Tucson, AZ) || 7-10PM
11/05 – Esta Cabral (Hermosillo, SON Mexico) || 8PM
11/17 – Noble Hops Gastropub (Oro Valley, AZ) || 7-10PM
01. You Are
02. Just Like You
03. Look Inside
04. Silverlining
05. The Truth
06. Black Jeans
07. Every Time

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