Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Mat Shoare’s ‘I Want Love’

Mat Shoare has shared the video for ‘I Want Love’ from his latest album Waking Up is Hard to Do.

He had this to say about the album in statement;

“The first track on the album, “Scandal”, is a song about being stuck. The song is about being unhappy with where you are in your life but not seeing a quick or easy way out of it. The album, Waking Up Is Hard To Do, as a whole is all about coming to terms with the idea that there is no easy fix to big problems, instead it takes patience and dedication…intention and hard work (none of which have ever been my first instinct). This song is about the start of that journey in realization. Before you can push yourself forward in life you need to know that you are stuck. You need to know it and hate it enough to get out of it. That is the feeling that this song was built on. I think that the song has a sort of anguish to it. I was listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen at the time and some of his songs have a lot of anguish in them. I like that stuff. Then I layered lots of piano, bass, and percussion throughout the song to keep it driving forward at a kind of chugging pace. The song just kind of chugs along in it’s anguish. That’s how I felt when I wrote it. Chugging along in my anguish. Sometimes it’s hard to go back and play this song live in any genuine way because I feel so distant from that emotional place. But while I was in that spot I started writing and this was the song that came out of it.

This album was made in a certain way. I feel like looking back on this record it was made in a very guarded way. I definitely referenced some albums that I feel were made by artists that I love while they were in a vulnerable place in their lives. Neil Young’s On The Beach was a big reference. That album is so unflashy, but the songs are some of his best and the emotions are really raw and open. Paul McCartney’s first solo album, McCartney, was a reference for me along with Wings’ first record, Wild Life, both are among my favorite of his work and I feel that I can relate to the circumstances in which both were made. It is a little like learning how to do things in a new way and also learning how to write after things in your life have changed a lot.

It was mostly written and put together during a period of massive change and emotional/spiritual growth in my personal life. I grew up a lot over the course of making this album. The recording of the album was done more on my own than my previous record. That was another area of growth for me. I’ve been continuing to learn how to make things sound the way I want them to, the way I hear them in my head.

The album title, Waking Up Is Hard To Do, is a play on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”. On the album there are covers of “Make It Easy On Yourself” by Burt Bacharach and “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” by Neil Sedaka. Both songs have altered titles and lyrics. “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” functions on two levels: literally I am always tired, and more genuinely the title is talking about waking up to reality and growing up. For me “waking up” and finding a way to live a healthy life and atone for my mistakes has truly been ‘very hard to do.'”

Catch Shoare on the following dates;

Dec 1st – Lawrence, KS – Eighth St. Taproom

Dec 2nd – Kansas City, MO – Open Space
Dec 3rd – St. Louis, MO – The Heavy Anchor
Dec 4th – Nashville, TN – Mad Donna’s
Dec 7th – Omaha, NE – O’leavers
Dec 8th – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
Dec 9th – Minneapolis, MN – Bryant-Lake Bowl
Dec 10th – Iowa City, IA – The Mill
Dec 11th – Columbia, MO – Cafe Berlin
Dec 14th – Chicago, IL – The Whistler



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