Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Juilana LaChance’s ‘Thunder Dragon’

Singer/visual artist Juliana LaChance has shared the video for the title track from her album Thunder Dragon.

As a song, ‘Thunder Dragon’ is a metaphor for my creative spirit animal. It’s where I get all my inspiration and creative force from that hits me like thunder. It is a song honoring and paying tribute to the gods of creativity that flow through me. The song contains the essence of the album the creative driving force that inspires every aspect of my life. The album of 15 songs features the bandura – a folk harp that lends bass, and harmony to the warm dreamy melodies…used in a modern way,” LaChance wrote in an e-mail.
She’s also shared a free stream of the album via her Bandcamp page;

The self-directed video for ‘Thunder Dragon’ is her 40th. She shot it on an island in Ontario.

“It captures the essence of summer, and the feelings of the era of folk music that is still alive,” she wrote. “(True Story) I ate unidentified mushroom when filming and went through a couple of hours of panic, thinking I was going to die.”

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