Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Twin Rains’ Flash Burn’


Toronto dream-pop duo Twin Rains have shared the video for ‘Flash Burn’ from their debut album Automatic Hand.

The duo of Jay Merrow and Christine Stoesser met as roommates in 2009 and started making music almost immediately afterwards. Recorded almost entirely by self-taught producer Merrow and produced by both band members, the 11 track effort is a mediation on today’s society and how often, our hands act faster than our brains when it comes to mobile devices.

“We’re excited by the reception of the album so far,” Stoesser sad in a statement. “We took our time making Automatic Hand and it was a bit of an insular process, so it’s such a relief to see people connecting with the music. It feels really great to finally release it and let everyone hear what we’ve been working on!”


1. Before
2.  A Swim
3.  Pons
4.  Flash Burn
5.  Ghost Bird
6.  Automatic Hand
7.  Evergreen
8.  Flood
9.  Break The Crown
10. Green Screen
11. After





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