Danny Michel Announces Journeys to the Arctic for New Album


Danny Michel on the deck of Kaptain Khlebnikov.

When Danny Michel was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime; the chance to join Generator Arctic, a mission traversing the Arctic Ocean with famed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, scientists, photographers, writers, videographers aboard the Russian icebreaker Kaptain Khlebnikov, he jumped at the opportunity.

Michel’s goal was to record an album in a makeshift studio in his cabin using what he could scrounge together including camera tripods, hair ties, and gaffing tape. The result is Khlebnikov, out on January 20, 2017.

It may just earn the Guinness World Record for the northernmost album ever recorded!

He shared a free stream of ‘24,000 Horses’ from the album;

“One evening at 4:00am I woke to massive muffled booms and thuds of the Khlebnikov lurching through the Arctic ice,” Michel recalled in a statement. ”Too curious to sleep I put on all of my gear and went outside to see what was happening. There alone, at the bow I witnessed one of the most glorious moments of my life. Under an endless sky and midnight sun, I watched pieces of ice the size of tennis courts break, flip, and bounce around like bowling pins under the hull of the mighty Khlebnikov. Later that day I wrote ‘24,000 Horses'”

During his 18 days aboard the ship, he was joined by Hadfield, who sings in Russian and the dishwasher from the ship’s kitchen. Once Michel returned home, he collaborated with bandmate and award-winning composer Rob Carli.

Michel captured the trip as part of his Dan’s Space Van Web series;

Catch Danny Michel on the following dates;

Dec 01 Winnipeg Manitoba, West End Cultural Centre

Dec 02 Edmonton, Alberta, St. Basil’s Cultural Centre SOLD OUT

Dec 04 Lethbridge, Alberta, Geomatic Attic SOLD OUT

Dec 05 Canmore, Alberta, Communitea

Dec 06 Rossland, British Columbia, Flying Steam shovel

Dec 08 Vancouver, British Columbia, St. James Hall

Dec 09 Errington, British Columbia, Errington Hall




24,000 Horses



Fall (feat. Chris Hadfield)
The Dishwasher’s Dream

Down Down Down


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