Stream Free MP3s from Sofia Kourtesis

DJ/producer/artist/activist Sofia Kourtesis has shared a free stream of her remix of Me Succeeds‘ ‘Cool Kids’, out now on Ki Records.

She took a unique approach to the track; recording her uncle’s voice,  sampling it and playing it backwards; using it as the basis for her remix of the track.

“The Cool Kids remix is really energetic and playful, I thought about our new generation, these people who are young and cool on their own special unique form. Kids wanna change things and maybe save the world someday,” Kourtesis said in a statement.

She also offered another holiday gift to fans; a free stream of her holiday mix titled ‘Lonliness is My Friend’.

“This continuous mix is nostalgic and made to get your holiday dance on. The First Track is one that I did with Gold Panda on a Christmas Day sometime ago.
I selected the artists not only because of their awesome production skills, but also because each one of them has also an eccentric style which I like. Björk is my hero, and her music and style is timeless and super unique. Billie Holiday will always be a hero and idol, she had such a strong character and voice.”
2016 was a year of transaction, changes and challenges, I really saw a lot of friends being lost about what is wrong and right. I think 2017 should be a year for heroes, and everyone should go outside to fight for what is right.
I tried to imagine what kind of songs I would like to hear at Christmas evening when I’m unpacking my presents,” she said in an e-mail.

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