Video for a Lazy Saturday: Slime Girls’ ‘Meteor Showers’

Slime Girls, aka Pedro Silva, had a little something different from the usual electronic music the project is known for when recording ‘Meteor Showers’.

“This is the first original song I’ve sang on that’s been recorded, but anybody that’s seen us live has heard me sing plenty on covers and live versions of existing songs of mine that have vocals. I wouldn’t say there’s really too much to it, I wanted to write a fast and stripped down song evoking some “summers as a kid” sense of supernatural adventure, and that’s what I did. Slime Girls is going to pretty much always just be me writing whatever music I feel like writing on any given day, and I felt like singing so here it is,” Silva said in a statement.

The Matt Leaf-directed video takes the spirit of childhood memories and how kids interpret their surroundings. The video looks at how memories may seem concrete as adults but in reality, they are far less static.

Catch Slime Girls on the following dates;

01/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell (freq.fest.v.6.0 presented by 8BitLA; playing his 2012 album Vacation Wasteland in it’s entirety)
01/27 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent w/ TWRP

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