Videos for a Lazy Sunday: We Leave at Midnight’s ‘Milo’

San Antonio’s We Leave at Midnight has shared the Frank Weysos-directed video for ‘Milo’ from their latest EP The Holy Rolling Flower Band, out now on Texas is Funny Records.

Weysos is best known for his work on videos by Dr. Dog, Grace Potter, Heartless Bastards, Spanish Gold and Black Pistol Fire.

The band’s John Dailey had the idea to shoot the vid at the Japanese Tea Gardens in their hometown and experiment with stop-motion animation for the first time. They filmed the rest of the vid at a friend’s art space; K23 Gallery.

The clip finds the fictitious “Rammoth” finding another lost creature.

Strean ‘Milo’, ‘Dover Dog’ and ‘Do You Get the Joke’ from The Holy Rolling Flower Band for free;

We Leave at Midnight also announced an upcoming live date;

01/16 – San Antonio, TX @ Limelight w/ Femina X, Van Allen Belt & Rivers Want

1. Milo
2. Dover Dog
3. Intermission (Honky)
4. Don’t Make a Sound
5. Terror Flora (pt. 2)
6. Do You Get the Joke
7. Colors
8. Don’t Be Afraid (Honky)
9. The Holy Rolling Flower Band


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