Stream Little Destroyer’s ‘Rattlesnakes’ for Free

Little Destroyer have been dividing their time between their hometown of Vancouver and LA where they have been working with producer Jarrett Holmes (Walk the Moon, Neon Trees, Hedley) on their forthcoming debut EP Strange Future.

Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Carly Rae Jepsen) mixed the EP.

“‘Rattlesnakes’ is the overwhelming realization that the party doesn’t believe in you, that the fantasy of your pop and youth culture gives you nothing. That you’ve plundered and devoured everything in your path, but you’re still hungry, because it’s all without substance. It’s about the nights you become a mutant, and the mornings after. And it parallels the empty, dank & depressing vibe of a club, after last call, when the house lights turn on, to when the veil of fantasy lifts and you see it all for what is is; a monstrous feedback loop set to empty. Growing pains, growing into disillusionment,” the band said in a statement.


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