Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Sevdaliza’s ‘Amandine Insensible’

The Piet Langeveld-directed video for Sevdaliza‘s ‘Amandine Insensible’ finds the Iranian-born Dutch artist assuming the many yet limited roles of women in society.

She is selling stills from the video on Shutterstock to fund a campaign that will further explore the concept of identity.

“The story of Amandine explores the concept of ‘identity’ in a contemporary world that is rapidly changing due to the disappearance of ‘boundaries’. Amandine is everything you want her to be. An extreme extraction of average life, representing a world where we have become so universal all feelings have disappeared. Paradoxically, this makes you feel uncomfortable. Her life takes place in an infinite white space, composed with minimal objects that represent different facets of the cycle of daily life. The accessibility of information and matter has created a new universal language, in which commercial brands play a key role,” Sevdaliza said in a statement.

She also announced the title of her self-released debut, ISON.


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