Videos for a Lazy Sunday: PEP’s ‘Get Physical’

The video for “Nu-wop” act PEP‘s ‘Get Physical’ finds the band re-enacting the song’s lyrics.

The clip finds members of the band tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep as they think about a new love interest listening to stacks of vinyl. In keeping with the song’s retro sound, the band uses vintage props, handsome men act as night tables and the video even includes a couple adorable puppies.

“We love synchronized movement,” frontwoman Karys Rhea shared in a statement. “So we incorporate classic girl group moves in our performances, but they’re updated to include modern influences like hip-hop and jazz.”

The vid was directed by Rhea’s bandmate Ilana Webber and Avery McCarthy.

Fans will have a chance to catch the band performing live at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on March 16. On stage, Rhea is backed up by two back-up singers, Webber and Morgan Lynch, and four male accompanists

‘Get Physical’ is found on their debut, self-titled EP.


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