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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: adhoc’s ‘My City’

adhoc have shared the Lou-Pascal Tremblay-directed video for ‘my city’. Cinematography was provided by Benoit Jones-Vallée.

The band had this to say about the clip in an e-mail;

“’my city’ is a bi-coastal r&b roundabout, a must-visit stop on the ex-boyfriend reunion tour. thru the medium of “video,” we depicted the nominal space between a friendly visit and a steam-pressed weekend tryst.
Fun fact 1: our smoke machine broke down on set, and our on site personnel had to start smoking in our direction to create the desired effect. laughter and paranoia ensued. our director said it was the most cigarettes smoked at a shoot (maybe ever!)
Fun fact 2: the video includes footage of our first studio, which burned down in a mysterious fire. we didn’t plan for it to be in there, but the lighting was perfect.”

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Las Cobras’ ‘So Much Love’

Uruguayan boyfriend/girlfriend duo Las Cobras (Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato) have shared the video for ‘So Much Love’, the second single from their debut album Temporal, out on May 19 on Fuzz Club Records.

The band’s music draws equal inspiration from psych rock and the sounds of South America. ‘So Much Love’ is perhaps the heaviest track found on the album. The band has only been together a relatively short time, coming together in 2012.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: G Perico’s ‘All Blue’

South Central LA rapper G Perico had this to say about the video for ‘All Blue’ in a statement; “The all blue visual is a first hand insight on all the different elements that set the tone in urban communities and how things can go from walking through the hood smiling and laughing, and then switch to events that alter life drastically in the blink of an eye.”

It’s the title track from his new album, out now on Priority Records. It’s the follow-up to his 2016 mixtape Shit Don’t Stop.

G Perico also runs a store in his neighborhood called Innerprize that’s his way to create jobs and give back to the community. He will headline a show at The Roxy with CUZ Lightyear and TF on May 4.


Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Rejjie Snow’s ‘Flexin’ (Featuring Ebenezer)

Dublin rapper Rejjie Snow once again enlisted Jamie Delaney to direct the video for his track ‘Flexin’.

Delaney directed the videos for Snow’s early tracks ‘Snow’ and ‘Lost in Empathy’.  ‘Flexin’ is from his forthcoming album Dear Annie, due out later this year on 300 Entertainment, release date TBA. Grammy award winning Rahki (Kendrick Lamar, Syd the Kid, Eminem) produced the album.

Snow first started dropping rhymes at the age of 17 before moving to Georgia on a sports scholarship. He abandoned sports for the mic full-time and dropped his first mixtape Rejovich in 2013. He followed the mixtape with debut single ‘All Around the World’, produced by Cam O’bi (Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa) in 2015 then released ‘Blakkst Skn’ produced by Kaytranada and featuring Rae Morris, in November 2016. ‘D.R.U.G.S’ and ‘Pink Beetle’ were released as the first two singles off Dear Annie.

Catch Rejjie Snow on tour.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Brightness’ ‘Waltz’

“‘Waltz’ is a song of love and gratitude,” Alex Knight, aka Brightness, explained in a statement. “My friend Alex (Crosby) and I experimented using an old Akai 1/4″ Reel to Reel for this song. The tape itself had just about had it and you can hear another song bleeding through from one of its other tracks. It’s made up of one uninterrupted take using a single microphone, along with a mellotron part for the choruses that I overdubbed later.”
The Mclean Stephenson-directed video for the track matches the stripped-down sound. This is his second single, the second being ‘Oblivion’, which he also released a video for.
Knight got his start recording music on a water-damaged four-track cassette recorder and selling his music to his friends at school. He spent the profits in the cafeteria. After graduating from high school, he made the move from Australia to London. He toured the world as a drummer but living in the city ended up having a negative effect on him.
He moved back to Australia in 2015 where he began work in his debut Teething, out later this year, release date TBA.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Birdsworth’s ‘Treat You Good’

Even though they’ve only been together for 18 months, Puerto Rico’s Birdsworth have opened for The Milk, The Rifles, New Street Adventure as well as hosting their own club night Gravy Bass Social.

They even hand out their own brand of tea bags for free at their gigs.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: The Obessives’ ‘You’re My God’

The Obsessives have shared the Kyle Thrash-directed video for ‘You’re My God’ from their self-titled second album, out now on Lame-O Records in the US, Dogs Knights Productions in the UK and Europe and Cooking Vinyl in Australia.

Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo produced the record at Big Mama’s. It’s the follow-up to their 2015 debut Heck No, Nancy.

The duo of Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield came together through a childhood friendship and a love of blues-rock.

“We wanted to start a band with a “The” because bands like that three years ago were cool, like The Black Keys and The White Stripes,” Bairatchnyi said in a statement.

Catch The Obsessives on the following dates;

1. Intro
2. You’re My God
3. Surfer Rosa
4. Violent
5. A Shady Place
6. If You Really Love Me
7. Now She’s Smoking
8. It’s Not Fair
9. In Her Belly
10. It’s Okay If
11. He Is Wise
12. Sometimes
13. When One Thing Ends
14. You’re Gonna Be