Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Horoscope’s ‘Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter’

Horoscope, aka Rene J Nunez Cabrera, had this to say about the Marfisia Bel-directed video for ‘Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter’ from his forthcoming second album Misogyny Stone, out now on Wharf Cat Records.

“This video is a submersion into your subconscious—where dreams and nightmares are indistinguishable,” he said in a statement.

The new album found Nunez Cabrera looking inward and exploring his past and place in the world. He also hopes that the listener will find themselves within the album. He employed modular synthesis with standard rhythms, tape manipulation and a variety of effects.

The result is an album that will appeal to fans of American harsh  noise and European industrial and dark ambient.

1. Drone Gold
2. Misogyny Stone
3. Narcissist Vague
4. Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter
5. New Piece (for Christian Mirande)


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