Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Muneshine’s ‘Full Throttle’ (Featuring The Darcys)

Muneshine has unveiled the cinematic video for ‘Full Throttle’, featuring The Darcys.

The clip is an homage to the 80’s movies and film noir with flourishes from b-movies including a fog-shrouded metropolis, a dancer and a hero in the form on a sports car.

“I met (‘Full Throttle’ director) RJ (Sanchez) through Geoff McLean (Vision Film Co.) when I was on the hunt for an exciting new director for my 2015 single, ‘Sunshine’. I hadn’t seen much of his work, but Geoff’s the man and his taste is impeccable, so that suggestion was all I needed to hear. Needless to say, RJ knocked ‘Sunshine’ out of the park, so when I finished up ‘Full Throttle’ with Darcys, I knew exactly where to go for that fire. The only ‘must-have’ I put on RJ was my need for a sexy 80’s sports car (preferably a Lamborghini Countach – my all-time favorite automobile) and he took it from there. We couldn’t source the Countach, but he got his hands on a cherry red Magnum P.I. Ferrari, and who can hate on that?! RJ gets all the props for this masterpiece, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out,” Muneshine said in a statement.


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