Videos for a Lazy Sunday: DJDS’ ‘Trees on Fire’ (Featuring Amber Mark & Marco McKinnis)

The video for DJDS‘ ‘Trees on Fire’ is the Grammy-nominated duo of Sam Griesemer and Jerome Potter first new music of 2017.

The pair directed the video and had this to say in a statement; “It started with a drive we took with Marco up the coast. We ate shrimp at a roadside place and then filmed some stuff in the hills above the ocean. We thought about if Terrence Malick had no equipment no crew and just his cell phone. That’s the style we like, sort of bootleg transcendental.”

The clip also serves as a showcase for vocalists Amber Mark and Marco McKinnis, who also show up in the vid.

“This is our first real DJDS song after spending the last year and some change working on other people’s projects,” explains the duo. “We got Amber Mark and Marco McKinnis on this one too who are two of our favorite new voices right now and in general just amazing people. The whole thing feels good,” they said.
DJDS are best known for their work with Kanye West and DJ Khalid as well as Charlie Wilson, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, The-Dream and Opening Ceremony.

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