Stream James Heather’s ‘Biomes’ for Free

James Heather has shared a free stream of ‘Biomes’ from his forthcoming album Stories From Far Away on Piano, out on August 18.

“’Biomes’ was written, like the other album tracks, about a news story. This specific one was focussed on Paris climate talks, and in homage to the Biomes of our world. It’s supposed to feel upbeat and triumphant as I hoped for a good outcome, where we would respect the natural wonders of our world. Of course initially it seemed to be good news, but now Trump is pulling the USA out as we speak. This could’ve been a key moment in history where we all got on the same page to protect the Earth for the generations to come, but one decision may put a stop to that. In many years to come, will we look back to this moment as an opportunity missed?” Heather said in a statement.

The album’s cover art, created by Suki, was inspired by the album’s concept of interpreting real world stories. Catch Heather on the following dates;

August 26th – Solidarity of Arts Festival, Gdańsk Poland (w. Johann Johannsson, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Forest Swords)
November 4th – National Concert Hall, Dublin


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