Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Mocky’s ‘Problematic’

Berlin-via-LA artist Mocky had this to say about ‘Problematic’ in a statement; “I woke up really early before the city was awake and in the silence I heard the whole tune complete in my head…when that happens you just get out of the way and do you.”

The Vice Cooler and Rand Sevilla-directed video is taken from his fourth release in his Moxtape series titled How To Hit What And How Hard. The project collects Mocky’s studio experiments.

It follows his work producing Feist‘s latest album Pleasure and writing five songs for Kelela‘s debut album Take Me Apart.

He started building a studio in early 2017 and recorded songs between working on the space. The first six recordings became How To Hit What And How Hard. Though he plays all the instruments on a majority of the songs, Chilly Gonzales and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson lent a hand on ‘Desiree’.

“Nothing began with the computer or a click track. Everything began with me hitting something, and during the process, I realized that in the modern musical environment, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘how hard’ you hit something make all the difference,” he explained about the laidback iPhone-recorded vocals on ‘You Can’t Rush the Funk’.

1. Put it in a Song
2. Problematic
3. How it Goes
4. Desiree
5. You Can’t Rush the Funk
6. Stop Time (feat. Nia Andrews)

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