Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Rejjie Snow’s ‘Virgo’ (Featuring Pell)

“It’s the world we live in. Colorful and magical in its own way. Almost like a music video even though most days be darker than bright,” Rejjie Snow said about the visuals for ‘Virgo’ from his debut album Dear Annie in a statement.

“The estate of O’Daveney Gardens in central Dublin is about to be demolished and the remaining families moved. This place holds a lot of memories. Despite a reputation for crime and violence, we felt none of that and were welcomed by the locals who were happy for us to feature their home and families in Rejjie’s video. The whole neighborhood took part, which is the real life backdrop of the video,” the vid’s producer Steve Wood said in a statement.

The Julien Soulier-directed video follows Snow around his hometown of Dublin.

“‘Virgo’ is a track I wrote about feeling the pressures of trying to be a star,”Snow said. “But knowing that you put those pressures mostly on yourself, because someone will have your back no matter what.”


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