Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Elizabeth & the Catapult’s ‘Underwater’

“I’ve written so many songs about learning to fall more gracefully, but not a lot of songs about actually daring myself to fall,” Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth and the Catapult said about the Meredith Adelaide-directed video for ‘Underwater’.

Adelaide shot the video entirely in Ziman’s “spaces”, allowing insight into the development of the song and its message.

The track is taken from her latest release Keepsake, due out on October 20 via Compass RecordsThe album was produced by Dan Molad and Peter Lalish from Lucius, Rob Moose (Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons, Joan as Policewoman) and Richard Swift.

Ziman also announced an album release show;

Displaying Keepsake-CoverText-Web-Aug08.jpg

1 – We Can Pretend
2 – Underwater
3 – Something More
4 – Ambrosia
5 – Magic Chaser
6 – Mea Culpa
7 – Method Acting
8 – Better Days
9 – Less Than You Think
10 – Tread Carefully
11 – Land of Lost Things

12 – Wishing Well
Bonus : New Beginnings


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