Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Breaklights’ ‘Runaways’

Austin, Texas’ Breaklights have shared the video for ‘Runaways’ from their forthcoming 12″/digital EP Don’t Try So Hard, out on January 19 via Wiretap Records.

“We definitely etched a giant check mark onto the band bucket list last year with our trek out to the legendary Blasting Room to record Don’t Try So Hard. (Engineer) Chris Beeble was just THE best dude and really helped us create the sounds we were hearing in our heads,” bassist/vocalist Charlie Whittle said in a statement. “Amazing time. ‘Runaways’ is the first single from the record and probably my favorite Breaklights song to date. It’s your standard break-up tune but told from the perspective of someone who knows exactly what to do to get through it. So more of an anthem for coming out unscathed than a sappy downer. We shot the video at our practice space in three hours with the talented Jeff Antons and we really love how it came out!”


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