Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Jean Grae & Quelle Chris’ ‘Gold Purple Orange’

Jean Grae had this to say about the video for ‘Gold Purple Orange’ and glamour photo shoots from the 80’s in an e-mail;

“They’re beautiful. They’re soft. They’re expressive. People have the best shots and expressions. Not to mention- props. Not to mention backdrops. Yet, I have mentioned them.

When we came up with the album title, I started thinking about what kind of photos best expressed that statement. It was instantly the awkward, temporary confident smile of an 80s glamour shot.
What could make that even more awkward?
Holding that pose for a very long time.
It’s a metaphor for the sociopolitical state of our global community.
Just kidding.
It’s commentary on the treatment of British orphans in the 1800s.
Just kidding.

It’s not being afraid to be yourself, for a long period of time.
Even if that seems uncomfortable.
Not kidding.
Just kidding.
No I’m not.
It’s about sandwiches. There are none in the video.

It’s a fun video. Our friends are in it.
We played dress up. I love editing and shooting and directing videos. In that way, it was also a fucking blast.

I shot it in our living room, and now we own entirely too many 1980s backdrops for photo shoots.

Shout out to the amazing Mindy Tucker, who shot the original album art and press photos, because we then continued with the look, to keep the project cohesive.

Really, it was a wonderful artwork shoot for both experiences,”

Grae directed the video, which she appears in with her fiance Quelle Chris, which also features appearances from Dane Orr, Anna WiseEric Andre, Denmark Vessey, Jonathan Hoard, Duncecap, Littles The Cat and Hannibal Buress.

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