Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Bossie’s ‘Strawberry Moon’

Toronto artist Bossie, aka Anne Douris, has shared the video for ‘Strawberry Moon’ from her debut album Not Pictured, out on April 27 via Culvert Music.

“Growing up as girls, messages about how we should look and behave come at us from all sides, so you’re constantly carrying around these expectations. It’s overwhelming,” Douris said in a statement. “The director, Allison Johnston, and I wanted to visualize that by physically building this overwhelming world through the looking glass. We wanted it to look as bizarre and over-the-top as it can sometimes feel to be a woman. So I constructed these colossal make-up products as a way of showing how these images of “beauty” are not only ridiculous and disorienting, but literally a huge burden.”

Catch Bossie on the following dates;

04/07 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace w/ Born Ruffians
05/05 – Toronto, ON @ Baby G w/ Language Arts
08/17-19 – Elora, ON @ Riverfest

01.  Mild At Heart
02.  Meteor
03.  Strawberry Moon
04.  There Will Be Time
05.  A Lot Like Love
06.  The Outsider
07.  As Good As It Gets
08.  Tell It All
09.  Post Teen

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