Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Fufanu’s ‘Typical Critical’

“How we not only want to be loved and adored, but we want to feel it as well” Fufanu‘s lyricist Kaktus Einarsson said in a statement. “You want something more than to see it only through social media likes and emoji’s that someone loves you – you want to actually feel it. Feel a more complex love from what the world feeds on. Handmade love vs. mass-produced love.”

The video for ‘Typical Critical’ features a YouTube juggler who Einarsson tracked down after watching his performances.

“I stumbled up on this guy on YouTube doing juggle tricks in a studio with a tripod camera. He was so mesmerizing doing the tricks; I just wanted to capture him as a person—this focused and serious, but careless and lonely person. I managed to contact him but he said he had retired. I somehow managed to convince him to take part, so we went to a studio and asked him to do a routine and filmed him—so amazing.”

The track is taken from Dialogue II, the second in a series of EPs the Icelandic trio will release in 2018. The EP is out on August 24 with a full album, The Dialogue Series, due to drop on October 12.


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