Stream Oya Paya’s ‘Fly’ for Free

Liverpool-based trio Oya Paya had this to say about their track ‘Fly’ in an e-mail;

“‘Fly’ is about being able to overcome the negative vibes that can surround anyone throughout their journey through the vacuum of time.

On this journey, our inner ambitions of finding peace become difficult with obstacles such as “the man”, “the taxman”, and of course “slenderman” weighing heavily on whatever the outcome may be.

If we told that little voice inside our heads to Fly away, life would certainly be a little less stressful.

Like our last two singles, this was an overseas job, recorded and mixed between the UK and Singapore using nothing else but morse code… and the internet.”

The band’s members come from four different continents, Singapore, France, England and Iran, this geographical difference ended up serving the band’s music when drummer Ashwin was forced to return to his native Singapore after running into issues with his visa.

The band didn’t let the distance stop them from making music and thanks to the miracles of modern technology, they were able to still create music. Luckily, Ashwin has been able to return to the UK, allowing the Oya Paya to reunite and play live.

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