Videos for a Lazy Sunday: closegood’s ‘Easy’

Alt-pop duo closegood have shared the video for ‘Easy’ along with a specially coded Valentine’s card for their fans.


‘Easy’ is part of a larger collaboration between the duo of songwriter/producer Nyfe and producer Amada and Grammy Award-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer.

Amada and Nyfe met in college and began making music in the campus’ recording studio in an effort to deal with their individual battles with depression.

“‘Easy’ is about recognizing that just because people may not put in the effort or care into loving you the way you need to be loved, does not mean you are too difficult to love,” Nyfe said in a statement.

“To me this song serves as a reminder to let the people I love know how much joy and light they bring into my life as often as I can, having the reassurance that you are not hard to care for can be really powerful,” Amada added.

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