Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Maverick Sabre’s ‘Slow Down’ featuring Jorja Smith

UK-based Irish singer Maverick Sabre has shared the video for ‘Slow Down’, featuring long-time collaborator Jorja Smith.

It’s the third track from his forthcoming album When I Wake-up, out on March 22.

The clip finds Sabre in the role of a cab driver and Smith as a passenger as the pair share a confessional ride through the lens of passing street lights, rear view mirror and raindrops.

“The video inspired by the lyrics in the song represents two people, both in a similar experience expressing honestly, unfiltered, how they feel. The question we wanted to leave open was whether these two characters in the story are connected or not and if that even matters, what does is no matter what experience/situation you are in there is someone else who is feeling the exact same way,” Sabre said in a statement.

It’s the follow-up to his second single, ‘Her Grace’ featuring the Grammy-nominated Chronixx.

Sabre first appeared on the scene with his 2012 debut Lonely Are the Brave that charted at #2 and featured the hit single ‘Let Me Go’, which hit #16 on the UK singles chart.

He’s opened for Smith in the past and headlined his first show in two years at the Jazz Cafe as part of Annie Mac Presents. Catch Maverick Sabre on the following dates;


unnamed (1)

1. Preach
2. Drifting 
3. Into Nirvana 
4. Guns in the distance 
5. Don’t Talk about it 
6. Slow Down ft. Jorja Smith 
7. Her Grace ft. Chronixx 
8. Weakness 
9. A Mile away 
10. Big Smoke 
11. Into Hope 
12. War 
13. Glory

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