Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Frenship’s ‘Wanted a Name’ (Feat. Yoke Lore)

Frenship, the duo of James Sunderland and Brett Hite, have shared the Eliza Brownlie-directed video for ‘Wanted a Name’, featuring Yoke Lore.

The clip features actress Millicent Simmonds (A Quiet Place, Wonderstruck) who is hearing impaired, delivering a performance of the song in American Sign Language in a serene natural setting.

Sunderland and Hite were inspired to create the video after learning that there were requests for a sign language interpreter for hearing impaired fans at their performance at Lollapalooza 2018. Wanting to provide something for this often overlooked segment of music fans, they reached out Simmonds after becoming fans of her performance in the 2018 sci-fi horror movie A Quiet Place.

They were amazed at her performance and wanted to collaborate on a video that showed how hearing impaired people experience and express themselves through music.

“She really brought the video to life and highlighted the deaf community in a way we’re honored to be a part of,” FRENSHIP said in a statement. “It’s really cool seeing two languages play out on screen—ASL and English, one seen and one heard. This video is about the co-existence of those two languages and bringing the deaf music experience to a wider audience.”

“I hope this video gives people some insight into how deaf people feel about music and how we experience music. Music can be visual as well as audible. I love this song and am so honored that FRENSHIP asked me to be a part of it,” Simmonds added.

‘Wanted a Name’ is taken from their forthcoming album, out via Counter Records, release date and title TBA. The track was inspired by returning to a quiet home life after going out on the road as part of their first headlining tour.

They also shared a video for an acoustic version of the track;

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