Sasha Cay Shares the Video for ‘Archie’

Montreal-based singer/songwriter/storyteller Sasha Cay has shared the video for ‘Archie’.

In an e-mail, Cay had this to say about the track; “I think about songs the same way I think about stories. The characters I imagine and the lives they live out typically wind up in one or the other, and ‘Archie’ is one of them.

The song follows a young boy who has run away from home to join his outcast uncle, who lives and roams in an old van.

Through a series of vignettes, I take you through the boy’s realization of Archie’s life as a thief, the consequences that follow and the looming fear that it is too late to turn back.”

The track also marked the first time she worked in a studio, her previous music was produced in her bedroom. She worked with Steve Gibbs at Lites Down in Montreal.

“This experience allowed me to control and craft my sound in ways I didn’t have access to before,” she said. “With these tools and Steven’s experience, I felt for the first time that I was able to accurately represent a song the way I intended. “

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