All about hanging @ the back

After spending five years as the music editor for, plus as a contributor for Soundproof magazine, truth.explosion, and MetroI decided it was time to move forward with my own music blog. And thus, hanging @ the back was born. The title of the blog is a humourous reference to the stereotype of music journalists being the ones hanging at the back of the venue as well as a gentle poke at the, “too cool for this shit” crowd who hang at the back of the venue.

It’s also about what I hope to accomplish with the blog, give a voice to the artists who are hanging at the back but will move forward. I have an uncanny knack for spotting the coolest acts before they hit it big so h@tb will be the place you can go and say you heard about a band or artist before they were cool

Subscribe to h@tb for a source of daily music news, reviews, features, videos and free MP3s as well as gig recommendations. Readers will also have access to exclusive downloads and links to streams of tracks and even albums from the artists featured on the blog.

If you’re interested in being covered by h@tb, send me an e-mail at andrewhoran77 at And follow h@tb on Twitter.

I’m also presently contributing for NxEW and Lithium magazine.

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