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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Peach Pit’s ‘Seventeen’

Peach Pit frontman Neil Smith had this to say about ‘Seventeen’ in a press release;

“‘Seventeen’ was one of the first songs I wrote for Peach Pit, I wrote it 4 years ago, and at the time i’d been thinking a lot about when I was in high school and the dumb things I’d done and when i’d treated people shitty. I think like most people I tend to hold onto that sorta stuff for way too long, anyway the song’s all about those times when I was being a dink.”

The Vancouver band first emerged in 2016 with their debut EP Sweet F.A. The four-piece, made up of high school friends, describes their sound as being “Chewed Bubble Gum Pop”.

After developing a loyal fanbase, the band went viral after their self-titled track ‘Peach Pit’ was shared on YouTube. They further developed their following thanks to their online posts and dressing like Simpsons character Ned Flanders.

Their debut album Being So Normal will drop in September 2017 on Kingfisher Bluez. Catch Peach Pit on the following dates;


Videos for a Lazy Sunday: New Year’s Hangover Edition


With it being post-holidays, not many artists are releasing new videos.

So, while you’re recovering from your New Year’s Eve hangover, why not check out some of the videos posted on h@tb for Videos for a Lazy Sunday and Videos for Saturday in 2016 and further back?

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Ninet’s ‘Subservient’

After winning Israeli Idol and releasing four albums in Israel, Ninet Tayeb recently made the move to LA to plot her “world domination”.

Tayeb lists Karen O and The Kills’ Alison Mosshart as her main influences.

Stream or Download Leaf’s ‘Plate’ for Free

Leaf is wrapping up 2016 by offering a free stream/download of her single ‘Plate’, out now on Fool’s Gold.

To download the track, click on the embedded Soundcloud file.

It’s the follow-up to her summer bangers ‘Money’ and ‘Nada’, featuring Lil Yachty. Stream or download both tracks for free below;


No Videos for a Lazy Sunday

There will be no Videos for a Lazy Sunday this week.

(Hopefully) The feature will resume on November 27. I realize that h@tb has been following a irregular publishing schedule as of late but I am in the midst of a career change and don’t have the time I used to.

I am hoping to return to at least one post a day in the coming weeks.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: G-Eazy’s ‘Calm Down’

G-Eazy has unveiled the video for ‘Calm Down’.

The clip is set in his hometown of Oakland and features shots of Berkeley and the Bay Area. The B&W vid features appearances from E-40, Too $hort, Mac Wanda (Mac Dre’s Mom), Nef The Pharoah,  Jay Ant, P Lo, Kool John and 7 year old trick dirt-bike rider AJ Stuntz.

‘Calm Down’ is an ode to Oakland and the surrounding regions. G-Eazy shot it on his Endless Summer tour. He also shared the second episode of The Endless Summer, a doc chronicling his tour. The episode includes a clip of him performing ‘Drifting’ on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with Tory Lanez as well as tour stops on both coasts.

G-Eazy will perform on the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Channel D’s ‘The Other’

Channel D, aka Nick de Grunwald, has shared the video for ‘The Other’ from their Unravelling, out on Straight Lines are Fine on July 22.

It’s the follow-up to Channel D’s 2013 debut Mosaic of Disarray.

“I’d had panic attacks and insomnia on and off since 2001, when my mother died in the same week as 9/11,” de Grunwald said in a statement. “Two years ago, things got considerably worse, which is where these songs germinated. I kind of unravelled. I believe these songs came out of that really bad time. I hope what I experienced will resonate with anyone for whom the night can play tricks with your mind. Or who find terrifying the daily round of suicides, beheadings, bombs and the ravages of war.”

He recorded Unravelling at The Situation Room in West London with co-producer Tim Wills.