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Raine Hamilton String Trio Shares the Video for ‘Starlight’

Raine Hamilton String Trio has shared the video for ‘Starlight’ from their sophomore album Night Sky, out on March 23.

This follows the release of ‘Lift Me Up’;

Hamilton will hold an album release party at the West End Cultural Centre in her hometown of Winnipeg on March 24. The gig will feature ASL interpretation and gender inclusive washrooms. The show will open with n artists’ circle,  featuring Abigail LapellNic Dyson, Gabriela Ocejo, and ASL poetry by Jordan Sangalang.

Hamilton believes that concerts should be an inclusive experience and offers gigs with ASL interpretation. She also offers songwriting and fiddle tune writing workshops in English and French.

“The night sky, for me, is a symbol of the beyond. It is light in the darkness,” Hamilton said in a statement “It is stillness and vulnerability. Imagery of the night sky appears again and again in these songs, the title of the album making itself known.”

She’s toured Canada extensively performing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra three times as well as a gig in a cave and playing her way across Canada on VIA Rail.

Catch Raine Hamilton on the following dates;

March 24 – Winnipeg, MB – The WECC *Album Release Show* (with full band)
April 4 – Saskatoon, SK – The Bassment (with string trio)
April 5 – Medicine Hat, AB – Esplanade Theatre (with string trio)
April 6 – Twin Butte, AB – The General Store (solo)
April 7 – Grand Forks, BC – Seniors Hall at City Park (solo)
April 8 – Vernon, BC – Record City (solo)
April 11 – Vancouver, BC – Guilt & Co. (solo)
April 13 – Chilliwack, BC – Tractorgrease Cafe (solo)
April 14 – Lions Bay, BC – House Concert (solo)
April 21 – Toronto, ON – House Concert (solo)
April 22 – Toronto, ON – The Burdock (solo)
April 25 – Peterborough, ON – The Garnet (solo)
April 26 – Owen Sound, ON – Bleeding Carrot (solo)
April 28 – London, ON – House Concert (solo)
April 29 – Whitby, ON – UpCap Cafe Concert Series (solo)


1.  Starlight
2.  Lift Me Up
3.  To The North
4.  Robin Hood
5.  Aurora In The Meadow
6.  Everyday
7.  For Hidegard (Canon in b phrygian)
8.  La Plaine
9.  Broken Plate
10. Bury My Heart

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Elizabeth & the Catapult’s ‘Underwater’

“I’ve written so many songs about learning to fall more gracefully, but not a lot of songs about actually daring myself to fall,” Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth and the Catapult said about the Meredith Adelaide-directed video for ‘Underwater’.

Adelaide shot the video entirely in Ziman’s “spaces”, allowing insight into the development of the song and its message.

The track is taken from her latest release Keepsake, due out on October 20 via Compass RecordsThe album was produced by Dan Molad and Peter Lalish from Lucius, Rob Moose (Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons, Joan as Policewoman) and Richard Swift.

Ziman also announced an album release show;

Displaying Keepsake-CoverText-Web-Aug08.jpg

1 – We Can Pretend
2 – Underwater
3 – Something More
4 – Ambrosia
5 – Magic Chaser
6 – Mea Culpa
7 – Method Acting
8 – Better Days
9 – Less Than You Think
10 – Tread Carefully
11 – Land of Lost Things

12 – Wishing Well
Bonus : New Beginnings

Baby! Shares Free Stream of Sunny F.L & Video for ‘Bite My Tongue’

Baby!, the latest project from Kaley Honeycutt, has offered a free stream of her debut album Sunny F.L. as well as the video for ‘Bite My Tongue’.

Everything in the video is Honeycutt’s handiwork, right down to the backgrounds.

The name Baby! comes from something she was always shamed for growing up; being the 5’1 younger sister to four older brothers who always overshared and was oversensitive. It’s a shortened version of “Crybaby”.

Honeycutt was quickly snapped up by Yellow K Records after she shared some music online. Baby! will play an album release date on August 30 in Boston;

8/30 – Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs (Album Release Show!)


Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs’ ‘Tossing & Turning’

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs shared a live video of their performance of ‘Tossing & Turning’ for Southern Souls.

The track is taken from Cash’s third album Tongue-In Cheek Vows, it’s his second release with The Romantic Dogs, out on March 25.

Legendary Canadian musician and producer Ian Blurton helmed the boards for the album.

For Cash, Tongue-In Cheek Vows doesn’t just document his coming-of-age, but provides a symbol of how he embraced the craft of songwriting. He’s the son of Toronto musician-turned-politician Andrew Cash but he’s quickly forged his own path.

“These songs were written during a three or four year period starting when I was 19, which is a pretty exciting time for anyone,” Cash said in a statement. “But what I love most about songs are those moments when you hear something and it hits you in a very specific way, and you’re not even thinking about what the writer’s intentions are. That’s the ultimate effect I would like my music to have on people, when they can make their own connection, which is just as real and meaningful as what was in my head when I wrote the song.”

Cash also announced the dates of his upcoming tour, including an album release show at The Rivoli in Toronto;


Mar 22  – Whistler, BC – Garibaldi Lift Company*

Mar 23  – Vancouver, BC – The Imperial*

Mar 24  – Kelowna, BC – Flashbacks*

Mar 25  – Edmonton, AB – The Starlite Room*

Mar 26  – Calgary, AB – The Gateway*

Mar 27 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigos*

Mar 28 – Winnipeg, MB – Windsor Hotel*

^ W/ Raven Shields & Stefanie McCarrol

* W/ Electric Six


01 Cast Away

02 Carmen

03 That Was The Summer

04 Act Like We’re In Love

05 Running On

06 Radio Waves

07 I Know You’re Only Laughing

08 You Can’t Hurt Me

09 Tossing & Turning

10 Action

11 Won’t Think Twice

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Majical Cloudz’s ‘Silver Car Crash’

Majical Cloudz‘s Devon Walsh had this to say in a statement about the intimate, self-styled video for ‘Silver Car Crash’;

“We shot this video in Montreal with Neil Corcoran. We used his camera as well as my friend Kyle’s camera. It’s very home-made, shot quickly. I mainly believe in videos as an expression of the artist(s) themselves, and this is the video I wanted to make. It’s not flashy or spectacular, but I think it does the mood of the band justice, which is most important to me. In any case, I made it myself so that it feels good to put it out.”

The track can be found on their forthcoming sophomore album Are You Alone?, out on October 16 on Matador.

Majical Cloudz will play an album release show at The National Sawdust in NYC on October 21.

Geoff Berner Announces New Album & Shares Free MP3

Image courtesy of Killbeat Music

Image by Fumie Suzuki

Geoff Berner has announced that he will release his new album We Are Going to Bremen to Be Musicians on October 16 via Coax Records in North America and internationally on Oriente Music.

Berner has shared a free stream of the album track ‘Dance and Celebrate’;

This is Berner’s first album in four years and on it, he seeks to reject the orthodox and ultra-Zionist conservative views of Jewish identity in favour of a more left-wing approach that’s more accessible and fun for everyone. It’s keeping in line with his involvement with the Klezmer Bund movement, something that is viewed as radical by more traditional Klezmer musicians.

In a statement, he said that the album is,“meant to be powerful cheering-up medicine that you don’t have to turn your brain off for.”

“We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians” is a reference to the old German folk tale about elderly farm animals threatened with death, who run away from their masters in the hope of achieving freedom and becoming Town Musicians. It’s an absurd tale of irrational hope and optimism in the face of horror, and that’s where the story connects with the songs on the album. “I would describe the record as a compendium of strategies against despair,” he continued.

The new album continues in the same vein as his Canadian Folk Music Award-winning effort Victory Party and it was produced by Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, a fellow Jewish superstar.

“As with Victory Party, there really was nobody besides Josh who could have made this album with me,” Berner said. “His knowledge of both the recording studio and Jewish music is unmatchable.”

He’s developed a cult following thanks to playing a wide variety of bars, cafes and festivals through the years. Berner describes his audience as being,  “odd, bookish people who like to drink. There’s a surprising number of physicists.”

His songs have been covered by Corb Lund and The Be Good Tanyas.

Berner is holding an early album release show at WISE Hall in Vancouver on September 12 as part of 8th Annual Accordion Noir Festival. Details of a North American tour will be announced soon.


01 Swing A Chicken 3 Times Over Your Head

02 Dance And Celebrate

03 When DD Gets Her Donkey Everything Will Be Alright

04 Condos

05 Es Brent

06 Ikh Krakh Tomid Arayn In Der Zelber Mashin

07 Thank You, No Thank You

08 When Chanukah Comes To Town

09 I Don’t Feel So Mad At God When I See You In Your Summer Dress

10 We Are On Our Way To Bremen

11 Slouching Towards Bremen

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Retrocity’s ‘Need You Tonight’

Toronto acapella band Retrocity have unveiled the video for their cover of INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’, taken from their forthcoming release Mixtape.

The band produces all their sounds via vocals and the body.

“We made this mixtape for you – we really hope you like it! We put the song on that you heard blasting out of some guy’s truck at the beach that time, remember? And, the one you said was your favourite song in grade 11, which might have had something to do with a certain slow dance. We hope the tunes bring back a lot of great memories, so put it on and sing that insane guitar bit really loud,” Retrocity co-founder Lanie Treen said in a statement.

The band was born in 1998 to perform 80’s cover but their repertoire has expanded to include jazz, soul and funk while keeping one foot planted firmly in the 80’s. They released their first album Totally 80’s A Capella in 2006 and will release their second at the Mod Club in Toronto on September 29. The band will perform two sets followed by an after party.

Find all the details on the Facebook event page.