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Videos for a Lazy Saturday: Samo Sound Boy’s ‘Baby Don’t Stop’

The video for Samo Sound Boy‘s ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ is the first in a trilogy directed by Daniel Pappas.

The track is taken from his forthcoming album Begging Please, out on April 28 on Body High. The album follows a relationship as it breaks down and falls apart. Samo has cited Marvin Gaye’s Here My Dear as a key influence. The album uses lush synths, soulful samples and jagged percussion.

“The idea that dance music could be considered one noted or lacking in depth has never made sense to me. I think the very simple way it builds up and down is so fundamentally reflective of living in the world,” Samo said in a statement. “What’s dark and brooding can give way to the most ecstatic moments, all because one small thing is added or subtracted. Begging Please is a story about the last couple years of my life, told best way I know how.”