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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: adhoc’s ‘My City’

adhoc have shared the Lou-Pascal Tremblay-directed video for ‘my city’. Cinematography was provided by Benoit Jones-Vallée.

The band had this to say about the clip in an e-mail;

“’my city’ is a bi-coastal r&b roundabout, a must-visit stop on the ex-boyfriend reunion tour. thru the medium of “video,” we depicted the nominal space between a friendly visit and a steam-pressed weekend tryst.
Fun fact 1: our smoke machine broke down on set, and our on site personnel had to start smoking in our direction to create the desired effect. laughter and paranoia ensued. our director said it was the most cigarettes smoked at a shoot (maybe ever!)
Fun fact 2: the video includes footage of our first studio, which burned down in a mysterious fire. we didn’t plan for it to be in there, but the lighting was perfect.”