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Born Ruffians Announce Deluxe Edition of Birthmarks

Toronto’s Born Ruffians have announced that they will release a deluxe edition of their album Birthmarks via Paper Bag Records on March 25.

The album will feature all the original tracks plus four new ones as well as acoustic versions of five tracks from the album recorded by frontman Luke Lalonde outside of the studio in an intimate setting.

The band is releasing two acoustic tracks a week leading up to the album’s release, along with tasteful nude artwork, via their website.

Disc 1:
Ocean’s Deep
Permanent Hesitation
Cold Pop
Golden Promises
Rage Flows
So Slow
With Her Shadow
Too Soaked To Break
Dancing On The Edge Of Our Graves
Never Age
Disc 2:
Cherry Wine
Oh Cecilia (*Exclusive to CD)
With An Ax
Rage Flows (Acoustic)
Wandering Eye
Needle (Acoustic)
Never Age (Acoustic)
Your Sufferin’ Heart