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Northside Festival Announces NExT Expo Conference Schedule

Brooklyn’s Northside Festival has unveiled the complete schedule for its NeXT Conference at the Wythe Hotel and Brooklyn Brewery.

Some of the speakers scheduled include the founders of KickstarterTurntable.fmOKCupid and a special conversation between Uber founder, Travis Kalanick and TLC Commissioner David Yassky. Some of the sessions include conversations with;

The panel discussions will include topics such as What I Would Do, If I Could Do it Again- Lessons Learned from Building Behance and The Road to Acquisition: Part 1. Some of the other panel discussions will include:

  • Surviving the Trend: Grow Your Business Right & Sustain with Charles Adler
  • Exploring Data Science
  • Building for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Metrics the CTO needs to Know
  • Data Design

For a complete schedule, head here.