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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: The Obessives’ ‘You’re My God’

The Obsessives have shared the Kyle Thrash-directed video for ‘You’re My God’ from their self-titled second album, out now on Lame-O Records in the US, Dogs Knights Productions in the UK and Europe and Cooking Vinyl in Australia.

Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo produced the record at Big Mama’s. It’s the follow-up to their 2015 debut Heck No, Nancy.

The duo of Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield came together through a childhood friendship and a love of blues-rock.

“We wanted to start a band with a “The” because bands like that three years ago were cool, like The Black Keys and The White Stripes,” Bairatchnyi said in a statement.

Catch The Obsessives on the following dates;

1. Intro
2. You’re My God
3. Surfer Rosa
4. Violent
5. A Shady Place
6. If You Really Love Me
7. Now She’s Smoking
8. It’s Not Fair
9. In Her Belly
10. It’s Okay If
11. He Is Wise
12. Sometimes
13. When One Thing Ends
14. You’re Gonna Be