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NeXT Unleashes a Winter Showstorm

Calvin Love courtesy image

With everyone recovering from the holidays, not to mention Toronto recovering from the Great Ice Storm of 2013, going to see live music may be the last thing on many people’s mind.

But, legendary booker Dan Burke has offered up an absolutely killer line-up of shows in the coming weeks. To RSVP to the events on Facebook, click on the links provided.

Edmonton singer Calvin Love is part of the “Mac (DeMarco) Pack” is playing the Silver Dollar on December 28 with Beams, Henri Faberge and The Folk. Cover is $7.

New Year’s Eve at the Silver Dollar features a killer line-up at a low price, $10, with Bloodshot Bill, Milk Lines, Stella Ella Ola, Brews Willis, Christian Hansen and DJs Sianteuse & Johnny Rankin.

Gino Washington is playing the Horseshoe on January 11 with The BB Guns, Honeyrunners, The Two Times and Pins and Needles. Cover is $10.

NeXT and Elliott Jones will present Alex Calder, another member of the “Mac (DeMarco) Pack” at the Silver Dollar on January 3. The cover is $7.50 in advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes, the Horseshoe and online at Ticketfly. Blonde Elvis and Wish Pet Suns are also on the bill.

Burke will join forces with a number of local promoters for a series of shows called Class of 2014 featuring an “honour role” of up and coming indie artists at the Silver Dollar.

The first show is presented in partnership with Wavelength and features Fresh Snow, Del Bel, Mas and Anamai. Cover is $6.

The second Class of 2014 gig is presented in partnership with Silent Shout on January 17 and features Jef Barbara, Bizzarah, Lido Pimienta, Nyssa and Twist. Cover is $8. 

Mark Pesci presents the third edition with Red Mass, Cellphone, Dirty Frigs, Dilly Dally and Crhymes. The cover is $7.50 in advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes and online at Ticketfly.

Aaron Miller of Arts & Crafts Records presents the final edition with AKUA, Invasions, Language Arts, Ada Dahli and the Pallbearers and DJ Eytan Tobin. Cover is $7. 

NeXT Unleashes a Showstorm

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled four upcoming shows at the Silver Dollar and Comfort Zone.

The “Mac Pack”,  group of singers out of Edmonton who are friends with up and coming Montreal singer Mac DeMarco, will be playing the Silver Dollar.

Michael Rault is playing the Dollar tomorrow night, September 21. Details can be found here.

Calvin Love rolls into the club on September 25. Details, RSVP etc. can all be found here.

UK duo Comanechi are playing the Silver Dollar on September 27. Deets and RSVP can be found here.

Finally, Elliott Jones Death to T.O. will once again take place at the Silver Dollar and Comfort Zone. All the exciting details can be found here.

NeXT Unleashes An NxNE Showstorm

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled a triple header at the Silver Dollar and Comfort Zone during NxNE.

Up and coming San Francisco singer Mikal Cronin will headline all three nights at the Dollar while Arbutus Records and electronic music blog Silent Shout will present the gigs at CZ.

Deets and Facebook RSVP links are below;

Silver Dollar

Comfort Zone

NeXT Unleashes A Spring Showstorm

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled the latest series of shows at the infamous Silver Dollar and other venues around Toronto.

RSVP link included in listing.

RSVP here.

Gun Outfit, Psyche Tongues Loi Do and The Dead Projectionists. May 7 @ Parts & Labour, $6 cover.

Coliseum, California X, Greys, TV Freaks and Cellos. May 15 @ The Horseshoe Tavern. $8 cover.

Michael Rault, Alvvays, Church and Tess Parks & The Good People. May 17 @ The Silver Dollar. $7 cover.

Horsey Crazy and Cut Flowers. May 24 @ The Silver Dollar. Cover TBA.

Last Year’s Men, JOATMM, Different Skeletons, The Two Times and Cool Hands. May 25 @ The Comfort Zone.

Simply Saucer, Jimmy Ohio (& The Ultimate Lovers), Hollow Earth and Erika Werry & The Alphabet. June 1 @ The Silver Dollar. $7 cover.

Mikal Cronin @ The Silver Dollar. June 13-15 (NxNE showcase). See RSVP link for details.


NeXT Unleashes A Winter & Spring Showstorm

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled the latest series of shows that will roll into the Big Smoke’s infamous Silver Dollar Room including T.O. band Beliefs who were recently named a band to watch by the NME.

Check out the listings and RSVP on Facebook below;

Brace Yourselves … A Showstorm Is Coming!

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled the upcoming shows at The Silver Dollar Room and the infamous Comfort Zone.

Click on the gigs for details and to RSVP on Facebook.


Showstorm Hits The Silver Dollar

Legendary Toronto booker Dan Burke has unveiled the latest series of dates that will roll into Toronto’s equally legendary Silver Dollar Room over the next six weeks.

Here’s the line-up (For more details and to RSVP, simply click on the gig.);

October 2, 2012 – Moon Duo w/Rituals & Beliefs

October 6, 2012 – Obnox, featuring “Bim” Thomas of The Bassholes) w/Milk Lines, Fill Specter & Different Skeletons

October 13, 2012 – Canailles w/Beams, There There Indigo, Orchards & Ride ‘Em Cowboy

October 19, 2012 – CBGBs 1978 Live! featuring Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), Walter Lure ( The Heartbreakers) and Gord Lewis (Teenage Head) w/Danny Laj & The Looks, Witch Ever & On The Verge

October 20, 2012 – The Famines, Cartoons, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, Cursed Arrows

October 22, 2012 – Twerps & Alex Bleeker of Real Estate

October 25, 2012 – The Zoobombs w/Dearly Beloved & Goodnight

November 8, 2012 – Dignan Porch