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Stream Dean Hurley’s Anthology Resource Vol. 1 for Free

Dean Hurley, the sound and music supervisor for Twin Peaks: The Return, has shared a free stream of Anthology Resource Vol. 1, out now on Sacred Bones.

The album serves as a companion piece to Twin Peaks official soundtrack. Hurley had a small role as the drummer for Trouble, the fictitious band featured in episode five. He’s been working extensively with David Lynch for the last 12 years. He also co-wrote and produced four albums with Lynch as well as producing records by Lykke Li, Dirty Beaches, Zola Jesus, and The Veils.


David Lynch Announces 12″ Single

Image by Dean Hurley

David Lynch has announced that he will release a 12″ single for ‘Bad the John Boy’ as a companion piece to his sophomore album The Big Dream on Sacred Bones on November 12.

The harrowing track A-side is complimented by Venetian Snares‘ remix of the album’s title track. The Big Dream‘s producer Dean Hurley describes the remix as, “music for the end crawl of a bootlegged sci-fi/horror film that you borrowed from your friend’s older brother and caused you to realize for the first time that you were actually scared in broad daylight.”

The 12″ is limited to 1500 copies and includes a 24×24 poster of an original painting by Lynch.

1. Bad The John Boy
2. The Big Dream (Venetian Snares remix)