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Shy Hunters Wish to Fly on New Album

Image courtesy of Solid Gold

Brooklyn avant-dream pop trio Shy Hunters have announced that they will release their debut album O That I Had Wings on February 18.

“It’s about struggling to get out from under the thumb of the past, and the loneliness of being haunted by demons that no one else seems to be able to see.  “I guess it’s not really a party record, but it sounds like a party to me,” vocalist/guitarist Indigo Street said about the album’s nine tracks that explore the light, dark and the thin membrane separating the two.

To celebrate, they’ve shared a free stream/download of the track ‘Echoes’ via Magnet magazine.

Street and Sam Levin met in 2009, playing in a noise band. They also held worked as supporting musicians for Yoko Ono, Jolie Holland, Marc Ribot, Jeffrey Lewis, Jim White, Greg Saunier, and R. Stevie Moore to name a few. They met R. Stevie Moore and decided it was time to strike out on their own after being crammed into a van like sardines.

01.  Echoes

02.  Time Bomb

03.  Raise Voices

04.  Right World

05.  Stained Glass House

06.  Pure Joy

07.  Dead Girls

08.  Real Love

09.  Idle Days

Stream Sun Glitters; Remix of Darling’s ‘Echoes’ For Free

Irish duo Darling have shared a free stream of Luxembourg artist Sun Glitters‘ remix of their track ‘Echoes’.

Stream Darling’s ‘Echoes’ For Free

Image courtesy of White Board Project

Image courtesy of White Board Project

Darling have shared a free stream from their forthcoming EP, title and release date TBA on Believe Digital.

The duo of Gary Harding and James McGuire came together after their previous band split up. The very next morning, they sat down and mapped out everything they wanted to achieve and what they wanted to avoid with the new project. They spend the next year working out of a spare room in Harding’s parents’ house teaching each other songwriting and studying the greats. They also spend every working moment writing, recording and rehearsing.

“We confined ourselves to a studio environment for months and months with guitars and pianos, a seven-year old Mac and some glitchy software trying to write stuff that moved us and was worthy of real pop music. We listened to the giants and studied them and just wrote and wrote. We wanted to write music that would sound just as solid in 20 years,” Harding said in a statement.

Harding and McGuire recorded at a beach house on Ireland’s southern coast, a lakeside cottage in the midlands plus studios in Belfast, Kerry and Dublin.

Darling’s music caught the ear of Stephen Lipson and before long, the duo was holed up in his West London studio.