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Videos For a Lazy Sunday: Daithi’s ‘Have To Go’ (Featuring Jesse Boykins III)

Daithi travelled to Iceland to shoot the video for ‘Have To Go’, featuring vocals from Chicago-based R ‘n B/Soul singer Jesse Boykins III.

Feel Good Lost shot the vid as the Iceland for Airwaves festival this past summer.

Videos For a Lazy Sunday: Talos’ ‘Tethered Bones’

Cork, Ireland artist Talos, aka Eoin French, has unveiled the Brendan Canty-shot (Feel Good Lost) video for ‘Tethered Bones’. The video for this delicate slice of dream pop is chilling. It was produced by Ian Ring of Young Wonder during an extended studio session in 2013.

“It’s a love song, about how a relationship can engulf and transform you: what it can and does take away. What you lose and what you gain,” French said in a statement.

“From the start, Talos and ourselves had a strong idea about a music-meets-cinema collaboration. I loved the challenge of taking what Eoin wrote and re-interpreting it – the lyrics I latched onto were around this idea of someone being so isolated and alone but at the same time being so smothered and attached to someone. It reminded me of stories I had read about Stockholm syndrome – the unusual relationships and bonds victims develop with their kidnappers,” Canty said in a statement.

Videos For a Lazy Sunday: Daithi’s ‘Case Closed’ (Featuring Senita)

Daithi has just released his latest single ‘Case Closed’, featuring vocals from Senita.

To celebrate, he’s unveiled the Feel Good Lost-directed video for the track. The kaleidoscopic visuals provide the perfect accompaniment for the electro-pop banger.


Videos For A Lazy Sunday: Young Wonder Performs ‘Intergalactic’ Live

Irish electro-pop duo Young Wonder have shared this video of them performing the track ‘Intergalactic’ from their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

The vid was filmed in Connolly’s of Leap in the duo’s hometown of Cork by Feel Good Lost and showcases a different side to singer Rachel Koeman’s voice.

Videos For A Lazy Sunday: Daithi’s ‘Chameleon Life’

Irish producer Daithi unveiled this Feel Good Lost-directed video for his track ‘Chameleon Life’.

It has a summertime feel to it thanks to his production work and Raye’s vocals.

Videos For A Lazy Sunday: Young Wonder’s ‘Electrified’

Irish electro-pop duo Young Wonder teamed up with long-time collaborators Feel Good Lost for this video.

“For this video we and the band talked a lot about creating a more montage based pop style video that really captures the personality of the band, their environment, the track and the new record whilst still including that ethereal imagery that we are known for,” Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost said in a statement. “This was a challenge for me as I’ve never really done a video like this before. But I loved the challenge.  This year for me personally has been all about pushing out of my comfort zone to try and improve my skills. I’ve tried to create  videos in different styles whilst still maintaining that look and feel my work is known for. So I’m pretty proud of this one!”

Videos For A Lazy Sunday: Young Wonder’s ‘Time’

Cork, Ireland duo Young Wonder have unveiled the video for their collaboration with Darragh Nolan from Sacred Animals.

Feel Good Lost shot and directed the clip. The sprawling landscapes and is perfectly suited to the duo’s sound.