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Stream or Download Basketball Shorts’ ‘Looking’ for Free

Austin “party punks” Basketball Shorts have shared a free stream/download of ‘Shorts’ from their forthcoming album Hot and Ready, out on July 8 via Fleeting Youth Records and Austin Town Hall Records.

The new album finds the band fleshing out their sound with the addition of guitarist Ben Chinisci and drummer Adam Sharp and building on the sound of their previous split EPs.

Stream or Download Company of Selves ‘Presidential Model’ for Free

NYC’s Company of Selves have shared a free stream/download of ‘Presidential Model’ from their forthcoming album Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travellers, out on September 25 via Fleeting Youth Records.

Click on the embedded soundcloud file for the free download of the track.

The song provides listeners with their first taste of the album with plucked guitar, hazy piano with the other instruments providing a swirling undercurrent.  Lead singer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Hoffman softly sings the story of a woman awakening from a world of mind control imprisonment with subtle back-up vocals from Christina Courtin.

The band is made of a group of friends who have been playing around NYC for some time. Butterfly Handlers & Memory Travellers is a novella dealing with escapism, mind control and fantastic paranoid romanticism. The album is encoded with backwards messages as well as occult and philosophical soundbites.

Multi-instrumentalist Christopher Hoffman dubbed the band’s sound, “Escape Rock”.

Stream or Download The Bats Pajamas’ ‘Wrong House’ for Free

Toronto “Witch Punk” trio The Bats Pajamas have shared a free stream of ‘Wrong House’ from their forthcoming album No Hello, out on May 26 on Fleeting Youth Records.

The song is built on tinny shreds of guitar riffs and muffled vocals that quickly transform from troubled howls to to blood-curdling screams. The band recorded the album to tape in a few days in a DIY set-up in their living room.

Stream Loose Tooth’s ‘Skinny Chewy’ for Free

Loose Tooth have shared a free stream of ‘Skinny Chewy’ from their forthcoming debut album Easy Easy East, out on April 21 on Fleeting Youth Records.

The release finds the band finding their sound as a four-piece. Lead singer Kian Sorouri enlisted new band mates Christian Bach and Kyle Iaganella after the release of their 3-track demo.

“[They] shred the hell out of LT’s old demo tracks and give them an entirely new feeling,” Sorouri said in a statement. “Plus Travis Arterburn (His bandmate from the now defunct Ted Nguyent) did another amazing job on the record. It’s my favorite recording experience to date.”

Stream Van Dale’s ‘Speak Yellow’ for Free

Van Dale have shared a free stream/download of ‘Speak Yellow’ from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out on March 31 on Fleeting Youth Records.

To download the track, click on the embedded Soundcloud file.

The track is about being persecuted for who you love and letting naysayers know you don’t care what they think.

Stream or Download Van Dale’s ‘Bed of Bricks’ for Free

Columbus, Ohio’s Van Dale has shared a free stream of ‘Bed of Bricks’ from their forthcoming self-titled album, out on March 31 on Fleeting Youth Records.

The album explores the age-old themes of friendship, love, success, and thinking about what life isn’t set to fuzzed-out power-pop.


Stream or Download Robot Princess’ ‘Action Park’ for Free

Brooklyn quintet Robot Princess named their track ‘Action Park’ after the infamous New Jersey theme park and use it as a metaphor for falling in love.

The track is taken from their cassette release Teen Vogue LP and Action Moves EP, out on March 24 on Fleeting Youth Records. Click on the embedded Soundcloud file for the free download.

The band explores time-honored themes including girl troubles, getting arrested, swamp monsters and a glimpse into the mind of a video game space fighter. Robot Princess recorded Teen Vogue at Serious Business Studios in NYC two years ago and have never fully released it to the public. Catherine Anderson, the band’s keytar player, produced the Action Moves EP and Robot Princess decided to release them together.

The band plays Rough Trade NYC on March 5.

Stream or Download Passenger Peru’s ‘The Best Way to Drown’ for Free

Brooklyn duo Passenger Peru have shared a free stream and download of ‘The Best Way to Drown’ from their forthcoming album Light Places, out on February 24 on Fleeting Youth Records.

Stream or Download Scott Drakula’s ‘Stupid Everything’ for Free

Melbourne, Australia trio Scott Drakula have shared a free stream/download of their track ‘Stupid Everything’. (Click on the embedded track to access the free download.)

The single can be found on the band’s Burner, out on December 9, along with their Break Me Up EP, on Fleeting Youth Records. With its fuzzy guitars, danceable rhythms and raspy vocals, the band released the single to serve as an introduction.

Stream Fleeting Youth Records’ Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation) for Free

Fleeting Youth Records has shared a free stream of Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation). The 33 track effort features bands from around the world, chosen from 110 submissions, and encompasses a variety  genres that encompasses everything from garage rock to grunge, punk, pop, shoegaze and more.