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The Oscillation Unveils the Video for ‘Flight Sequence’

London, England psych-pop artist The Oscillation, aka Demian Castellanos, has shared the video for ‘Flight Sequence’ from his fifth album U.E.F., out on March 2 via Fuzz Club Records.

He’s well known in the London underground scene, playing with Silver Apples, Beak, Wooden Shjips and Deerhunter.

The album is the follow-up to his 2016 album Monographic and 2017 single ‘Evil in the Tree’. The new album finds him embracing an electronic sound that’s a departure from the psych-rock of his previous outings. The album is divided into two 20 minute epics that encompass many electronic influences.

“U.E.F is a failed attempt at what initially started out as an attempt at making a techno track but ended up becoming an Oscillation album. I’m pretty much completely ignorant about dance music but re-listening to a few Plastikman tracks quite obsessively for a few weeks, combined with long-term exposure to Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze rubbed off after a while,” Castellanos said in a statement.

The video for ‘Flight Sequence’ was inspired by the footage that the Voyager spacecraft sent back.

The clip’s director Antonio Curcetti had this to say in an e-mail; “When Demian asked me to work on the project I immediately thought of the Voyager 1 and 2 Nasa space project. 2017 was the 40th anniversary of the launch and when I was a kid it was just one of the most daring ideas; the idea that one day a tiny little spacecraft could have reached the far end of the solar system and project itself into interstellar space, with the chance of one day being collected by a different outer-space civilization.”

“Demian wanted to explore visually the idea of expansion into the vastness of the universe and then he told me the title of the track was ‘Flight Sequence’. It was just too perfect. 90% of the material I have manipulated through a video synth is original footage of the Voyager project – I really couldn’t believe how much is available on the Internet.”

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Sekel’s ‘Crayons’

Malmo, Sweden’s SEKEL have shared the video for ‘Crayons’ from their self-titled debut, out on December 15 on Fuzz Club Records.

“It’s kind of the archetypical SEKEL track for us, personally. Crayons is probably the first song that the four of us created together, and through that process, I guess essentially convinced us to form the band. I actually wrote the song when I was 15 and had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon it one day by chance in an old notebook that I brought with me to a rehearsal. Its simplicity and lack of structure was perfect for us to mould into what we had envisioned, and it immediately became a point of reference for ourselves in terms of what we wanted SEKEL to be about,” vocalist Markus Mannberg said in a statement.

“I feel that SEKEL’s music is about everyday life – the boredom of doing labour work, shitty weather, endless hours of commuting and so on. And I think their music is more British-sounding than Nordic so with that in mind I decided to use fast-paced, constantly-moving footage of travelling around London. I had already used paint and crayons for video work before they asked me to do the video so I was very happy when the track they wanted a video for was called ‘Crayons’ – I think it works really well,” the vid’s director, Rickard Daun of Flowers must Die, said in a press release.

“We recorded the album in the winter of 2016, we went away to a really secluded cabin in the woods for a few weeks. It was right in the middle of the brutal Nordic winter though so in-between the constant writing and recording, we spent our time burning wood and boiling snow to keep us alive. The album is mostly inspired by our daily experiences, but also by politics, literature, art and travelling. I think those things always inherently influence music but the album is very much a reaction to our own personal pasts – both in music and life in general,” the band said in a statement.


Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Las Cobras’ ‘So Much Love’

Uruguayan boyfriend/girlfriend duo Las Cobras (Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato) have shared the video for ‘So Much Love’, the second single from their debut album Temporal, out on May 19 on Fuzz Club Records.

The band’s music draws equal inspiration from psych rock and the sounds of South America. ‘So Much Love’ is perhaps the heaviest track found on the album. The band has only been together a relatively short time, coming together in 2012.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Night Beats’ ‘Bad Love’

Seattle’s Night Beats stopped by Fuzz Club Records‘ Lovebuzz Studios to record a live session.

Lovebuzz is Fuzz Club’s analog studio. Each session will be released on 12″ vinyl with accompanying videos and phone booklets.