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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Hayley Cannon’s ‘Who Are You?’

Hayley Cannon had this to say about the video for ‘Who Are You’, the title track from her current release;

“‘Who Are You’ is about nature vs. nurture. I was inspired by a woman who never knew her real Mum. A woman – who in her troubled teenage years – pushed her adoptive parents to the point they no-longer recognised her. They wondered if they were to blame for their daughter’s challenging behaviour, or if genes were coming into play. They had no way of knowing.

This woman’s story got me thinking about my own family, about the traits we’ve learned from each other and the ones that seem in-built. Some characteristics skipped generations, then cropped up in me or other relatives. Some of them are good. Others, less so. In the case of the latter, I wonder if we can heed the warnings from our ancestral past? Or are we headed for the same fate?”

Cannon started early, first learning to play at age four. Years later, she retreated to a French hamlet to pen Who Are You?.

“I was resolved to redress the balance, and get a piece of me back”, she says of that time. First-written was ‘Blood And Bone’, before Hayley returned to London for more writing and recording, involving the ubiquitous creative overnights in the studio. “During that time music was just pouring out of me,and capturing it in the recording studio was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” she said in a statement.