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Stream Ash Koosha’s ‘Mudafossil’ for Free

Ash Koosha has shared a free stream of ‘Mudafossil’ from his forthcoming new album I AKA I, out on April 1 via Ninja Tune.

Koosha describes his approach to music as, “Finding geometry in sounds”. He creates music from field recordings and applies his experience with classical music, both Persian and Western. He’s a student of┬áthe Tehran Conservatory of Music.

He was imprisoned for his music in Tehran and sought asylum in the UK. He’s received the support of Run the Jewels and Empress Of. He plans to bring a VR experience to his new album.

1. Ote
2. Feather
3. Eluded
4. In Line
5. Mudafossil
6. Hex
7. Ooh Uhh
8. Biutiful
9. Fool Moon
10. Make it Fast
11. Shah
12. Snow
13. Growl
14. Too Many
15. Needs