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Stream Hanni El Khatib’s ‘No Way’ for Free

Hanni El Khatib has this to say about ‘No Way’ in a statement; “The song is about first generation families that have lived in their neighborhood forever but are now being pushed out due to gentrification.”

He’s offering a free stream of the track ahead of his latest, Savage Times Vol. 3, release on July 22 on Innovative Leisure. This follows a free stream of ‘Come Down’;

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Khun Narin Electric Phin Band’s ‘Phua Kao’

Innovative Leisure has shared the video for Thai psych-rock collective Khun Narin Electric Phin Band‘s ‘Phua Kao’ (Ex-husband) taken from their sophomore album II, out on March 25.

The band came to the label’s attention after a friend of the label, producer and sound engineer Josh Marcy, brought their attention of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ to their attention.

Marcy journeyed to Thailand to record the band’s first album and also worked on their second.

“We were lucky to get the first album done in just a 24 hour visit, but I was determined to make it back to Lom Sak for a longer time and more prepared with pedals and mics. A year and a half after the first recording, I travelled back for Songkran-Thai New Year-and finally got to see in person these amazing musicians making crowds of all ages dance while pushing their sound system miles down the road. This spirit of celebration that originally made me want to visit comes through even better on this second album, recorded on the biggest holiday in Thailand,” he said in a statement.

Innovative Leisure also shared a free stream of the band’s ‘Sut Sanaen #3’;

Khun Narin Electric Phin Band’s membership is made up of a rotating group that ranges from high school kids to men in their 60’s. The band’s set-up involves setting up at the hosting household in the morning and playing low-key sets throughout the morning, working in covers of foreign songs.

During this time, the beer and whiskey is flowing freely. After a mid-day banquet, the band will lead a parade through the neighborhood, picking up more members, as they make their way to the local temple.

Khun Narin Electric Phin Band uses a custom-made PA system consisting of eight loudspeaker horns mounted atop a large bass cabinet.



Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Korey Dane’s ‘Jules Verne’

Korey Dane had this to say about the video for ‘Jules Verne’ from his forthcoming album Youngblood, out on October 9 on Innovative Leisure.

“I was in the middle of nowhere writing the record, physically and mentally. When I started coming up with ideas for the video for ‘Jules’ the middle of nowhere seemed fitting,” Dane said in a statement.

1. Jules Verne
2. Let It Be Just For Fun
3. I’m Your Man
4. Little Dream
5. Pony & The Kid
6. Louisiana Sundance
7. You’ll Be Had
8. Thieves
9. Blue Limping Phoenix (Seeds of a Watermelon Heart)
10. Heaven Won’t Let Me In
11. The Lion & The Keeper

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Tijuana Panthers’ ‘Front Window Down’

Tijuana Panthers have shared the video for ‘Front Window Down’ from their forthcoming album POSTER, out August 28 on Innovative Leisure.

The new album doesn’t have the same feeling of urgency as their previous outings. The fact that they recorded the album in just two days may just explain why they took such a no-nonsense approach.

Tijuana Panthers also announced the dates of their upcoming European tour;

7/17 – De Nieuwe Anita – Amsterdam, NL

7/18 – Valkhof Festival – Nijmegen, NL

7/18 – Pedro Pico Pop Festival – Raalte, NL

7/19 – Welcome to the Village Festival – Leeuwarden, NL

7/21 – Pointe Ephemere – Paris, FR

7/22 – La Sirène se relâche – Rochelle, FR

7/23 – Cafe Anztokia – Bilbao, ES

7/24 – Milhoes de Fiesta Festival – Barcellos, PT

7/25 – Siroco – Madrid, ES

7/26 – Low Festival – Benidorm, ES

7/28 – Hana Bi – Ravenna, IT

7/31 – Les Nuits Secretes @ La Bonaventure – Lille, FR

8/01-02 – Binic Festival – Binic, FR

1. Foolish
2. Church Bell
3. Set Forth
4. Send Down the Bombs
5. Power Plant
6. Miss You Hardly Know Me
7. Gated Patio
8. I Hate Saturday Nights
9. Front Window Down
10. Monitor
11. Right and Wrong
12. Trujillo

Stream Tropics’ Rapture for Free

Tropics has released a stream of his album Rapture one week ahead of its February 17 release date on Innovative Leisure. The album delivers moody instrumentation and haunting vocals.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Tropics’ ‘Rapture’

The Chris Toumazou video for the title track from Tropics‘ forthcoming album, out February 17 via Innovative Leisure, was shot on 35mm film and follows the struggle between two middle-aged parents whose child has left home to go to college.


Stream or Download GZA’s Remix of Hanni El Khatib’s ‘Moonlight’ for Free

Hanni El Khatib has shared a free stream/download of GZA‘s remix of the title track from his forthcoming album Moonlight, out on January 20 on Innovative Leisure. (Click on the embedded track for the download.)

The remix finds GZA expanding on the song’s cosmic theme and showing how El Khatib’s drumming could easily be used in hip-hop.

El Khatib also unveiled the video for the track;

After a year of heavy touring in support of his 2013 album Head in the Dirt, he spent 30 days locked in LA studio The Lair and Moonlight was the result.

“What would it sound like if RZA got in the studio with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits?” he asked in a statement. “I don’t know! That was my approach on everything.”

He turned to engineer Sonny DiPerri to achiever the sound he was looking for and when the time came to start recording the album, he enlisted drummer Ron Marinelli and a host of other musicians including Rhye collaborator Tom Lea.

The result is a highly personal album.

“My approach is still the same,” he explained. “Do things you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself. Be free and be creative. The same thing holds true for everything I’ve ever done, whether painting or design or skateboarding or whatever. Do it for the right reasons-exploring yourself. That’s what it’s about.”

1. Moonlight

2. Melt Me

3. The Teeth

4. Chasin’

5. Worship Song (No 2)

6. Mexico

7. Servant

8. All Black

9. Home

10. Dance Hall

11. Two Brothers