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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Jesse and the Dandelions’ ‘No Fun’

The video for Edmonton’s Jesse and the Dandelions ‘No Fun’ pays homage to frontman Jesse Northey’s figure skating past.

Northey was one of the only boys in Fernie, BC, the small town he grew up in, who was enrolled in figure skating.

“I was actually quite good and I won every competition that I competed in,” Northey explained in a statement.  “That being said, there weren’t many other competitors! At a certain point I started getting beat up by a bunch by other kids at school and often got called names. I couldn’t quite handle the pressure and I decided to quit skating and become a musician instead because I thought it might be able to redeem me. I’ve dedicated my life to that ever since, but I thought it would be fitting to give an homage to my past self by putting on the ol’ figure skates and giving it another go, if only just for a music video. ‘No Fun’ talks about the perils of becoming a star and works as a fitting background to my gold medal Olympic skating performance.”

The track is taken from Jesse and the Dandelions’ third album True Blue, out on September 9. The band has been active in Western Canada since 2011, receiving airplay on campus radio and opening for Attack in Black, Hollerado and July Talk.

True Blue is the follow-up to their 2013 effort A Mutual Understanding.

“One of the great features about recording your own records is that both your recording skills and (hopefully) your records get better with time,” Northey said in a statement. “True Blue is a little more psychedelic and grandiose in nature. It’s not unusual to hear phasers, over top of lush strings while the drums are going wild and my voice tries to squeak a melody into the spots that are left over. I wanted to see what I could get away with while riding the line of something that was still considered melodic and listenable. Hopefully people embrace more of the weirdo elements! I was often inspired by bands like MGMT,The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, and The Beatles while creating the album and I think fans of that type music will be able to spot the influence.”

Catch Jesse and the Dandelions on the following dates;

September 1 – Edmonton, AB –  The Needle – Album release party
September 8 – Medicine Hat, AB – Marios
September 9 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice
September 10 – Calgary, AB – Circle The Wagons 2016
September 15 – Regina, SK – McNally’s
September 17 – Edmonton, AB – Art In Our Park Festival
September 21 – Nelson, BC – The Royal
September 22 – Penticton, BC – Elite After 6
September 24 – Victoria, BC – The Copper Owl


1.  In The Night
2.  No Fun
3.  Wishful Thinking
4.  True Blue
5.  North Star
6.  Bad Guy
7.  Brother
8.  Underwater