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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Nadia Tehran’s ‘Cash Flow’ Trilogy

Iranian/Swedish artist Nadia Tehran has shared her ‘Cash Flow’ video trilogy.

The videos are a collaboration between Tehran, who served as creative director and stylist, and director  Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson.

She also shared a free stream of the GUD remix of the track;

Catch Nadia Tehran on the following date;

11/17 – Subterranean – Chicago, IL

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Vanbot’s ‘The Way You Say It’

Vanbot, aka Ester Ideskog, had this to say about the Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson-directed video for ‘The Way You Say It’;

“‘The Way You Say It’ centers around empty words. How quickly we grow cold when we stop talking about the things that matter. It’s an uncomfortable love story in its dif erent phases. In this video we wanted to portray the contrasts between the strength and vulnerability in a relationship. We started with the line “I let the night come close…” working with a confident expression coupled with a naked vulnerability that appears to be taken advantage of by the dark. I think the way you say things is what connects these two,” Ideskog said in a statement.

Her new album Perfect Storm is a darker departure from her previous outings. It was produced by Johannes Berglund.