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Stream DIIV’s Cover of Sparklehorse’s ‘Cow’ for Free

DIIV is offering a free stream of their take on Sparklehorse’s ‘Cow’, their first release in quite some time.

The band has also announced a live date at Murmrr Theatre in New York;

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: G Perico’s ‘All Blue’

South Central LA rapper G Perico had this to say about the video for ‘All Blue’ in a statement; “The all blue visual is a first hand insight on all the different elements that set the tone in urban communities and how things can go from walking through the hood smiling and laughing, and then switch to events that alter life drastically in the blink of an eye.”

It’s the title track from his new album, out now on Priority Records. It’s the follow-up to his 2016 mixtape Shit Don’t Stop.

G Perico also runs a store in his neighborhood called Innerprize that’s his way to create jobs and give back to the community. He will headline a show at The Roxy with CUZ Lightyear and TF on May 4.


Stream Adam Jensen’s ‘Marijuana Breath’ for Free

In honour of 4/20, Adam Jensen has shared a free stream of ‘Marijuana Breath’.

“I was watching an old school cartoon where an angel pops up on one shoulder and the devil on the other,” Jensen shared in a statement. “And I got to thinking, there are times where I feel like I am the little devil sitting on my shoulder. It’s good to be alive, to go out and get in some trouble, find someone to make out with and smoke some weed.”

This follows the release of Jensen’s single ‘The Mystic’, which has clocked over a million plays on Spotify and ‘Tombstone’;

Adam Jensen will play The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn with ROZES on April 29.

Stream Racquet Club’s ‘Blood on the Moon’ for Free

Racquet Club have shared a free stream of ‘Blood on the Moon’ from their debut album, due out later this year on Rise Records, release date and title TBA.

“My hope was that the sound of this band would be familiar but show significant growth as well,” guitarist/vocalist Blair Shehan explained in a press release. “Everyone in this band contributes ideas and for this record we really tried to break some of our habitual writing patterns and let the best ideas win.”

Catch Racquet Club at Resident in LA on May 6.

Stream Speakman Sound’s ‘Pangea’ & ‘In Flight’ for Free

Glastonbury sibling production duo Speakman Sound have shared a free stream of their second single ‘Pangea’. It’s the follow-up to ‘In Flight’.

Brothers Todd and Guy Speakman spent their childhood immersed in the music of their father, a well-known psychedelic musician. They spent their adolescence in Somerset’s rave scene.

They used a start-up grant to build a studio in Cricklewood and from there, they have grown it into an artistic hub for young musicians and artists to create music and film. They  hold regular all night jams and parties in their North London space.

Speakman Sound will play Electrowerkz in London on May 10.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: PEP’s ‘Get Physical’

The video for “Nu-wop” act PEP‘s ‘Get Physical’ finds the band re-enacting the song’s lyrics.

The clip finds members of the band tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep as they think about a new love interest listening to stacks of vinyl. In keeping with the song’s retro sound, the band uses vintage props, handsome men act as night tables and the video even includes a couple adorable puppies.

“We love synchronized movement,” frontwoman Karys Rhea shared in a statement. “So we incorporate classic girl group moves in our performances, but they’re updated to include modern influences like hip-hop and jazz.”

The vid was directed by Rhea’s bandmate Ilana Webber and Avery McCarthy.

Fans will have a chance to catch the band performing live at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on March 16. On stage, Rhea is backed up by two back-up singers, Webber and Morgan Lynch, and four male accompanists

‘Get Physical’ is found on their debut, self-titled EP.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Bossie’s ‘Shine My Light’ (Featuring Kimberly Persona)

Toronto’s Bossie, aka Anne Douris, had this to say about the video for ‘Shine My Light’ in a statement; “I’m super jazzed to have collaborated with Kimberly Persona to make this song for Princess Sparkly Butt  & The Hot Dog Kid. The show sends an empowering message to young girls that I feel strongly about – that you have the right to choose what kind of life you want to live, and that traditional gender roles can kiss your glittery butt. ‘Shine My Light’ is about the adventure of figuring out what kind of person you are. Like Princess Kimberly’s adventure, it’s about exploring the unknown universe and discovering your strengths.”

Princess Sparkly Butt & the Hot Dog Kid, which Persona also stars in, premiered on Teletoon’s YouTube channel. Check out the trailer;

Bossie is currently at work on her debut album and will play the Silver Dollar Room in Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week on April 19.