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Stream Sasha’s ‘Waterworks’ for Free

Sasha had this to say about her track ‘Waterworks’ in an e-mail; “We wrote the song about getting drunk and telling your friends all your problems – something I have done on multiple occasions. We wanted the track to be a tongue-and-cheek, self-deprecating ‘pull yourself together’ moment. It made me excited to explore a new version of myself as an artist, looking at the complexity of adulthood and not taking myself or my music too seriously.”

She’s offered a free stream of the single, out now. The London, UK-based electronic pop singer/songwriter took different approach to her songwriting when she worked with producer Scott Colcombe in early 2018.

Catch Sasha on the following date;

09 Oct – The Waiting Room, London

Stream Dear Youth’s ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ for Free

Montreal’s Dear Youth have shared a free stream of ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ from their forthcoming EP You Could Wish Me the Best, out on June 29 on Anchor Eighty-Four.

The band came together in 2015 over the five members shared interest in writing songs, releasing their debut EP Over the Bridge in October 2016. Dear Youth’s name is a reference to looking at youth with nostalgia while keeping an eye on the future.

They released the video for ‘Fair Warning’ shortly after signing with Anchor Eighty-Four;

Catch the band on the following date;

JUL 14– Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground (w/ Real Talk)

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Westerman’s ‘Confirmation’

Westerman’s new single ‘Confirmation’ was the result of a case of writer’s block.

As he put it in a e-mail, the track explores, “the difficulties of infinite choice and the allure of impulsiveness”

He also had this to say about the Jonjo Lowe-directed video, “We tried to put across otherness, impulsiveness and escapism. These are concepts I associate with, so I tried to make it a bit more of a personal thing than what I’ve done before. I hope it’s playful and fun too.”

The single is out now on Blue Flowers and it’s the latest in a string of collaborations with producer Bullion.

Westerman will play The Shacklewell Arms on April 11.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Marieme’s ‘Leave’

Marieme has shared the video for ‘Leave’ from her self-titled EP.

The artist left Senegal for a new start in the US and the sacrifices she made influenced her music.

“Change starts with us and that is why ‘Leave’ is the first song I made two days after I left everything behind,” Marieme said in an e-mail. “The video perfectly represents this idea, it’s simple, natural, and intuitive and powerful. It’s me holding a mirror up to myself, facing reality. Leaving everything behind by taking everything off and ending up at the beach.”

She was born into a war between Senegal and Mauritania, an upbringing that informs her music. Marieme plays the Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 on March 7.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Harker’s ‘Plague Your Heart’

Phoebe Saunders, the bassist for Brighton, UK punk band Harker, directed the video for the band’s track ‘Plague Your Heart’, taken from their debut album No Discordance.

“‘Plague Your Heart’ is about the breakdown of trust in a relationship and the guilt from actions taken by a person to break that trust. By nature, we all want to be a good person, but our past mistakes can plague us,” singer Mark Boniface said in a statement.

No Discordance will be released internationally through a coalition of labels that includes Wiretap Records in the US, Disconnect Disconnect and Future Void in the UK, Shield Recordings and Fond of Life in Europe, and Fixing A Hole in Japan on February 9.

Harker initially started life as an acoustic project in 2014 before growing into a band that was heavily influenced by New Jersey and Chicago punk bands over the course of three EPs, Hours (2014), Gasping For Air (2014) and A Lifetime Apart (2015).

A Lifetime Apart was distributed in the US through Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake‘s Paper and Plastick label.

“We’re not really the same band anymore,” guitarist, Tony Ware explained in a statement. “Anyone who saw us in the early days would probably remember us a really acoustic-orientated band. We love those songs but we wanted to make everything fuzzier, poppier and LOUDER, which is why we switched to two electrics.”

Harker worked on the album at Southsea Sound with producer Tim Greaves.

“When I listen to early Jimmy Eat World, or an album like ‘Seamonsters’ by the Wedding Present, I’m always astounded how they managed to capture all the carnage and noise – it’s like lightning in a bottle. If we could even emulate half of that then we’d have accomplished what we set out to do,” Ware said.

Catch Harker at The Wave Maiden in South Sea on February 24.


Stream Bassnectar’s ‘Slather’ (Featuring Digital Ethos) for Free

Bassnectar has shared a free stream of ‘Slather’ from his forthcoming Reflective Part Two EP, out on December 1 via his own Amorphous label.

The track features Digital Ethos. The EP also features collaborations with Dorfex Bos, Peekaboo, Azeem and G Jones.

He announced his annual New Year’s Eve gig at the Georgia World Congress Center featuring What So Not, Ott and Phutureprimitive.

Stream Jade the Moon’s ‘Hotels’ for Free

Jade the Moon drew equal inspiration from life on the road and the Quentin Tarantino movie 4 Rooms for the track ‘Hotels’.

The band had the movie playing silently in the studio while they were recording the track.

They’ve offered a free stream of the track ahead of the release of their album 11:11, out in early 2018, date TBA. Jade the Moon described the album as being “musical photographs.”

“A moment in time turned dance party, true story turned love song, a daydream turned erie alt pop lullaby. We hope to take the audience on an emotional roller coaster, these new songs truly reflect our stories. Although very personal and coming from very different places, our collective experiences feel somewhat universal,” the band said in a statement.

Catch Jade the Moon in Toronto on November 15 with Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker at The Mod Club.